DIY Beauty || Perfect Pedicure

One of the positive things about being single and living alone is Single Girl Behavior. SGB, encompasses all of those things that you’d rather do in private -without an audience. A home pedicure is one of the things. It’s 27 degrees in Atlanta right now, so I’ve been hibernating, to say the least. These are the times that I’m grateful that I work from home.

Sometimes I do like to spoil myself with a Mani-Pedi or Spa Day. But I usually opt to do more at-home treatments. Now that I’m in a new city I just don’t know where to go yet, so I’d rather just do it myself and use the cash for my next trip. This weekend I finally bit the bullet and tried the Amope, something I’ve wanted to try for a while. To be completely honest, I’m kicking myself for waiting so long to invest in this. I ended up just buying the $35 Extra Coarse option at Target, but I’ve already ordered refills from Amazon. I can honestly say that my feet have never felt so soft.

Now that cuddle weather is in full effect, soft smooth feet are a must. And I must admit I’m starting to like my home pedicures even more than going to the salon. Check out what I’m been using to get and keep my feet baby soft.

DIY Beauty || Perfect Pedicure

My Home Pedicure Process

  • First I use the Amope on dry feet while sitting on the edge of my bathtub. Then I clean out the tub and prep a warm bubble bath.
  • After the bath I rub Cuticle Oil on my cuticles.
  • Then I use my Cuticle Clippers to clean up any hangnails or problem areas. Although I know it’s something that’s often debated in the beauty community, I am comfortable cutting my own cuticles, I just don’t get them cut at the salon.
  • I file my nails down with an old but favorite Crystal Nail File ( I don’t know why, but I feel like these work better than regular files!)
  • Last, slather my feet with Vaseline and put on a pair of Fuzzy Socks.
  • I will usually paint my nails the next day after giving my feet a night of moisturizing.

Here are a few more DIY Pedicures tips and posts using the Amope.

While the Amope is my newest beauty obsession, the Foot Peel Mask is my weirdest. During the summer I used The Face Shop Foot Peeling Mask a few times. All you have to do is google it to fully understand why this DIY is legit SGB. Still, the result is soft and renewed feet. After a bath you put your feet in what’s essentially a plastic bag in the shape of a foot and let them soak for at least an hour. The magic begins a few days later when your feet start to peel. Each layer softer than the one before, and within ten days your feet are literally baby soft. Just be prepared to vacuum like you never have before, you’ll be shedding like a snake! Try to take a bath each night, it activates acids that speeds up the peeling.

Here is a Refnery29 review of the top Foot Peels under $20.

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