Sin City’s Seven Magic Mountains

Ten miles south of the Las Vegas strip in the Mojave desert is Seven Magic Mountains. This bright art exhibit is a collaboration between Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone, Art Production Fund, the Nevada Museum of Art and is the newish gram-worthy destination on the block.

The installation is seven colorfully stacked boulders standing over thirty feet high. Knowing me, you already know my first thought was “great spot for a photo shoot!” So your girl braved the cold and wind, rocked a bit of athleisure wear and made it a moment.

Debuting on opened May 11, 2016, Seven Magic Mountains was originally only on display for two years. Due to popularity it was recently issued an extension and will remain on view until the end of 2021.

I look for any excuse to wear my Fat Girls Traveling Hat! And for a day of sightseeing in a city as walkable as Vegas, I wanted a look that said: “I care…but not that much.” In all transparency, I sprinted to my jacket after these photos were taken. Because of course I visited while there was a snowstorm in the desert!

Bodysuit: Asos Leggings: Dolls Kill

Seven Magic Mountains is quite accessible, with parking a short walking distance from the installation. However, the installation itself is in the middle of nowhere. So it’s worth renting a car to visit this tourist trap.


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