The Trials and Tribulations of Vacation

Last night while I was contemplating what has turned out to be a minor issue, I stumbled upon this quote. Long story short, it helped me make the decision to postpone our Fall Lookbook shoot until I return from vacation.

Originally the concept was simple, while in L.A. For vacation I would have a small promotional photo shoot. What I didn’t anticipate was the difficulty I would have securing a photographer. I quickly became more focused on making the shoot happen than enjoying a stress-free vacation.

After talking over my dilemma with the other half of XL, my other half (boyfriend) and my besties. I decided to postpone the shoot. I immediately emailed the team and potential photographer. The photographer responded with such a great concept, that I nearly considered trying to pull it all back together.

That was when I saw this quote and realized that I had never truly released myself mentally from the shoot and I was being dragged down by that. The excitement of me visiting two of my best friends and going on my first cruise was weighed down by the disappointment I felt by not being able to pull it all together. But as I sit at the airport with my flight boarding I don’t feel an ounce of disappointment, I feel relief. I feel proud that I was able to push through my “workaholicism” and make time for a real vacation.

And I’m off! But follow me every step of the way on instagram @xtralush.

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