New Beginnings

I never intended to take such a long break from blogging. But, as I’m sure you know, life gets in the way sometimes. Not only have I been focusing on my styling career, I’ve been taking the time to figure out what I wanted and needed out of the relationship I was in. I recently decided to end that relationship, and after grieving that loss, I am finally feeling ready for a new beginning!

My friend came over the other day, and she was talking about how much her daily life has changed since she got into a relationship. Gym selfies were her thing! “2nd time today” would be the caption on some of her Instagram posts. Now, she says her life is comprised of sitting on the couch and watching “their shows”, going out to dinner or out to the movies. And aren’t those some of the things we look forward to when we’re single?! But I know from personal experience, that it gets old, quick.

Now that I’m finally motivated to shed some of my relationship behavior; binge watching my favorite shows, ordering in (all the time!), staying in (alone now!). I’m looking for motivation and inspiration in places I’ve never looked before. Most recently, I’ve discovered amazing Plus Size Yoga enthusiasts. It was as easy as searching the hashtag #curvyyoga to find a list of inspirational and aspirational Yogi’s who look like me!

I always believed yoga just wasn’t for me. I was very active growing up, whether it was dance or cheerleading, I was full of energy and always moving. So, the first time I took Yoga, I was thrown off by how mellow everything was. My go-to excuse was, “I just don’t bend that way!”. In fact, the few times I’d tried yoga, I literally couldn’t bend that way. Now, years have passed and I’m finally ready to start practicing. I now know that for many, Yoga is not something that you are inherently good at. It takes focus and practice. I’ve been working on the basics from the comfort of my own living room and must say that my body is appreciative.

I’m so excited to begin this new adventure! Of course, I will keep (get back to) posting about fashion, shopping, and style. I just needed to let you know what’s REALLY been going on.

Below are images and links to the women who have inspired me to take this new path.

My Name is Jessamyn 




Big Gal Yoga





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