My DIY Halloween Costume || World Series Fairy

As you know,  I always wait until the VERY last minute to decide on my Halloween costume. This year procrastinating actually worked in my favor. As a faithful SF Giants Fan, I spent most of last week on my couch watching the World Series. Although it was extreme torture, my boys pulled out the big guns in Game 7 for the third win in 5 years…Dynasty!! (just sayin’) Anywho…you can see I’m very passionate about my team, and since the victory parade was held on Halloween, I decided to create a Giants themed costume.

I wanted something simple but chic and obviously black and orange! After a  Pinterest search, I found a quick and easy way to create a tutu. Thursday night after work I stopped by Jo Ann’s and picked up 8 yards of tulle and assorted ribbon. About an hour later, my World Series Fairy costume was complete.

My Costume Breakdown: DIY Headband (Glitter Ribbon & Tulle), Blonde Wig, Nike Giants Tee, No-Sew Tulle Skirt (Tulle Fabric, Tulle Nylon & Assorted Ribbon), Denim Leggings, Combat Boots.




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