10 Untraditional Trees

I love Untraditional Christmas trees! This year I’ve been especially smitten with the Christmas Tree Dress as I mentioned in a previous post. Since I’m moving in a few weeks, I opted not to get a tree. But I do have a decorative vase filled with branches that light up, so that’s my untraditional tree this year! Below are 10 chic and unique DIY Christmas Trees that inspired me. See last years list here.

1. The Shelfish Tree

Image Via Pinterest

2. Single Branch Tree

 Image via Mighty Girl

3. Boxed Tree Tower

Image via Buzz Feed

4. Pine Cone Trees

Image via Scissors and Spoons 

5. Mirrored Books Tree

Image via Lushome

6. Spared Spruce

Image via The Boo and The Boy

7. Tree Pointe


Image via Paris, Prada, Pearls, Perfume

8. Bare Branches Tree

Image via Hege in France

9. Beer Bottle Tree

Image via Pinterest

10. Stacked Hardbacks

Image via Buzz Feed

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