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I found a consistent theme in my favorite links this week, LOVE YOUR BODY. It’s something that’s so easy to say, but can sometimes be difficult to do. One of the keys to my self-acceptance is using social media as an empowerment tool. I follow bloggers that look like me and brands that cater to me. As a fashion stylist, I am constantly bombarded with images of stick-thin to “regular” sized models in ad campaigns, television commercials and in the blogosphere. So, it’s been extremely helpful for me to include body positive advocates and fat feminists to my stream of fashion-focused media just to balance the scale a bit.

Here are a few articles that are helping to take the stigma of the word Fat. Here’s What Tess Holliday Really Thinks About the Word “Fat” is an article that addresses the word “fat” and how many are trying to take the negative connotation out of it and just embrace it, as they have their figures. Why We Need To Stop Perpetuating This Weight-Loss Myth by Liz Black is one of the realist articles I’ve read about the weight loss struggle. I really related to the part where she talks about reaching puberty before her classmates and how that affected her self-esteem. 48 Photos Of Fat Babes Embracing Parts Of Their Bodies Typically Deemed Flaws is pretty self-explanatory and oh so relatable.

Image from Bustle


Kelly Augustine is Breaking All the Style Rules and saying “Fuck That” to the idea that plus body’s need to wear figure flattering silhouettes that cinch in at the waist and hide your flaws.

Universal-Standard-1AImage from


Three of my favorite curvy celebs got honest recently about the lack of brick and mortar retailers with trendy threads for fatshionistas. The bottom line is, just because there are more options for us doesn’t mean that we can run to the mall in a pinch and grab something fabulous. We may have to wait days and even weeks for our items to arrive at our doorstep, and there’s no guarantee that it will look as great on you as it did on the model. See their Twitter convo here.



This Is What Plus-Size Clothes Look Like On Plus-Size Women is a perfect example of the plight of the fatshionista, and is funny as shit!

original-24440-1429558875-11Image From Buzzfeed


On a positive note, it looks like Victoria Secret  is listening to us and has hired Iman McDonnaugh as their first plus size fit model. Get all the dets here.

Iman-VS-main-imageImage from Plus Models Magazine

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