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This week I started a new part-time job. I am now the editorial assistant for a wedding blog. Along with being a fashion stylist for an online company and writing this blog. I’ve been so busy either working or sleeping that I haven’t spent much time curating links and reading posts. Instead, I’ve actually started planning on what I want to do to reward myself for working so many jobs.

As you know, the reason I moved to Atlanta was so that I could lower my cost of living to have more money for travel. This year I’m going to travel a bit less than last year, but I will enjoy it just as much. In 2015 I visited 9 different countries (France, Germany, Italy, UK, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Austria and the Bahamas) 5 different U.S. states (North Carolina, South Carolina, Colorado, New Orleans and Florida) and moved across country (from S.F. to Atlanta). Travel was the most enlightening thing I did for myself last year and I plan on creating even more travel traditions.


The travel plan I want to make annually is a friends and family cruise. I just think that cruising is the most cost effective way to see the world. You can invite as many people as you want, and all of the necessities (bed, food, entertainment) are included. I’ve gone on two cruises so far, to Mexico from L.A. and to the Bahamas from Florida. This year I want to leave out of new port and New Orleans is at the top of my list. Not only is NOLA one of my favorite cities in the U.S., I’ve always been curious about leaving out of that port. I’m thinking about doing the cruise in August or September of this year and so far the best prices I’m seeing are $400-$700 for 4-7 day cruises with options of ports in the Belize, the Grand Caymen Islands and Honduras. Since I’m inviting a group of people, I’m starting to plan this ASAP by sending out a list of port options and prices.


Besides a visit back home to the Bay and spending some time in L.A. with my bestie and her new baby, the only other U.S. trip that I have planned is a trip to New Orleans for Jazz Fest. Originally I’d planned on going down for Mardi Gras, but since I’ve just started this new position, I don’t want to risk this new source of income for a party. So I will work on creating a balance now so that when I travel later in the year I’ll have a flow.


Image From Jazz Fest


My major trip of the year will be to Thailand. I’m currently chatting with two of my friends from the Contiki European Tour I did last year. Hopefully, I can figure it out with friends, but if not, I’m no stranger to traveling solo. Here are a few posts that I helping me figure out where I want to go and what I want to do in Thailand this summer.

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market in Ratchaburi, Thailand
Image From Blog of Francesco Mugnai


But first, let me focus on styling these clients and editing these blog posts! I can’t spend money I haven’t made…yet! Here are two articles on the 6 Best Practices for Working From Home  and 5 WAYS TO BE PRODUCTIVE WHEN WORKING FROM HOME, both have some key tips to help my fellow telecommuters stay focused and productive. And when you just need to know that there are people who understand the struggle, read the 12 STRUGGLES ONLY PEOPLE WHO WORK FROM HOME TRULY UNDERSTAND.


Image From Apartment Therapy


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