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Vest: Stitch Fix     Top: Forever 21    Lipstick: NYX Cosmetics Lip Suede in Cherry Skies

It’s no secret that I went to college and lived in Los Angeles for nearly five years. And while I’d NEVER live there again, I love to visit! I’m currently in the City of Angels visiting my bestie from college and her new baby girl. We decided to revisit a few of our old favorite spots and check out some new ones. The trip has been incredible so far, and I still have a few days left (jam-packed with activities and work). Here’s a look at what I’ve done and what I’ve worn so far.

Day 1: As soon as I landed in Burbank my bestie picked me up and we headed to Porto’s in Burbank for lunch. It’s one of my favorite places in the valley, I used to go there religiously when I lived in Burbank. My usual order; The Feta Sandwich with Avocado, Mango Smoothie, and Potato Balls. I always save the Potato Balls for the next day, they’re delicious with hot sauce! The pastries are to die for as well.

Day 2: We got all dressed up for a girls night out. Being the fashion lovers we are, we jumped at the chance to see The Unauthorized Musical Parody of The Devil Wears Prada and got the tickets for less than $14 each through Goldstar. The music was FANTASTIC,  the drinks were tasty (two drink minimum) and the show was pretty hilarious. After the show, we headed to Bossa Nova in Hollywood for dinner. If you’re out late in the Sunset/Hollywood area and are looking for delicious Brazilian food, this is your place. Open until after 3 AM it’s a great for date night, dinner with friends or after hour grub.



Dress: G Stage  Lipstick: NYX Cosmetics Lip Suede in Amethyst

Day 4: We planned on having a mellow shopping day at the Melrose Trading Post, one of my old stomping grounds- I used to buy and sell here while I was in college. It’s a great little Flea Market with timeless vintage fashion, antique furniture, and handmade art and accessories. Not only is there great shopping, the people watching is even better! I picked up some great things here, I’ll do a separate post for all the stuff I bought on this trip.

The day would’ve been mellow until I found out that I got tickets to be in the audience for The Talk Dead television show! So, within minutes our day went from leisurely, to trying to pack it with as many things as possible before we had to be at CBS studios.

We met our Spirit Animal while shopping at Melrose Trading Post.

After the Flea Market, I met up with two of my friends from the Bay Area, that now live in L.A. I don’t know why, but I love meeting up with people from home in a random place. It’s like we’re getting to see each other out of our natural habitats and since my move down south, I hadn’t seen either of them for a while.

IMG_4410 (1) - Edited
Me & My Homeboys!

Next, we headed to CBS Studios on Fairfax which is less than 10 minutes away, but with L.A. traffic took us over thirty minutes to get to. While waiting in line we took a few selfies and I soon noticed that there was a celebrity in line with us! Shar Jackson from Moesha and Good Burger! I literally watch Moesha every week while I’m working, so I recognized her right away. Shar was so incredibly nice and funny, and was rockin’ an awesome Daryl shirt and socks! We talked about The Walking Dead and all made our predictions on what was going to happen on the episode (Glenn didn’t die, YES!). She even took a picture with us!

We met Shar Jackson!

We ended up sitting next to Shar and her friend during the screening of The Walking Dead and during the taping of The Talking Dead. She was totally fanning out over the show just like we were. Bottom line, celebrities ARE just like us!


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