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Even in the plus size fashion community there is a beauty standard, the Hourglass Body. But not all of us curvy fashionista’s are built like a brick house (36″ Bust , 24″ Waist, 36″ Hips). Here are 15 Non-Hourglass Plus Size Fashion Bloggers To Know!


Isabell Decker of Dressing Outside The Box.


Have you ever wondered What your Favorite Flower says about You? I have!


Orchid: Chances are you have a leopard or lace number hiding in your armoire. Exotic countries like to New Zealand or Thailand are appealing. You are subtle, if not mysterious, and everyone loves a little mystery, right?

Image: The Joy of Plants


There SO many subscription-based fashion companies on the market (I’ve been working for a great one for the past two years!). However, very few focus on women with curves. Enter Plvsh, a personal styling subscription service for plus size women.


If you’ve always dreamed of being a Prima Ballerina, you’ll be happy to hear that Christian Louboutin Just Made Every Girl’s Dream Come True With These Nude Flats.



When I see articles like this on, 10 Plus Size Stylists That Should Be On your Radar! I get excited and hopeful!  Excited, because as a Plus Size stylist myself, I know how hard it is to get recognized. Most of our work is done behind the scenes and the public only sees the TA-DA! moment, not all the hours of work that happens days and weeks before the big day. I’m hopeful, because although I’ve had my fair share of working with celebs when I lived in L.A., I was always the biggest person in the room. I would love to work with women like me, who love and embrace their curves and flaws in spite of the all the negative noise and haters.


Gabourey Sidibe at the 2014 Academy Awards. Styled by Daniel Musto and Marcy Guevara.

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