NYX Liquid Suedes Review

I’m a beauty beginner. I’m still watching YouTube videos to figure out how to do the perfect contour or highlight. Since I’m still testing the waters with a lot of brands, I usually look for a more affordable option before I invest. For example, I’m obsessed with eyebrows so I’ll spend upwards of $20 on a great eyebrow pencil. However, with things like the lipstick I have a high to low mix from Chanel and Mac to Revlon Colorstay.

IMG_4925 - Edited

One of my favorite lipstick brands NYX Cosmetics. Not only are the colors/pigment incredible rich, the price is unbelievably affordable! Glosses, Lipsticks and Lip Pencils ranging from $6-$12 dollars. I tried three different colors of their Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick and this is what happened.

Note: This is my first ever Beauty Review and I decided not to do any photo editing or filters. So those are the true colors and my touched (although I’m wearing makeup) face. 

Cherry Skies

I love a red lip! I can wear a bold rouge any time of day, and I have! This one is more of deep red or burgundy on me and deepens the more I layer on. I find that NYX Lippies look better after I slather on a couple layers. Sometimes I’ll even mix this one with a nude Lip Butter or Matte Gloss to add dimension.

Stone Fox

You don’t know how HAPPY I was to see this in Ulta, my preferred retailer for NYX. This color has been sold out for MONTHS! And since it’s such a unique hue, I wanted to test it on my skin. It looks more bluish than gray on me, which I found cool and edgy. I did just two layers of this one to achieve this look.




I’m saving the best for last! This Amethyst color is perfect with my current hair color, so I wear it pretty often. Living in the South I get a lot of looks, stares, and comments about my eclectic hair. But with this fabulous color on my lips, people know right away that I’m a weirdo making a fashion statement! Just this weekend I went to one of the stuffiest Hotel Bar in Atlanta for a Girl’s Night. It was my first time there, so I felt a little out of place with my freakum dress and bold beauty look. But pretty quickly I started getting lots of love on my look and how perfectly my hair and lipstick matched.

What are some of your favorite lipstick brands? Have you tried any of these colors? What did you think?

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