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Hey, Lovelies! You probably already know that Halloween is my favorite holiday, but this year will be a little different. Instead of going out to a party, I’m going to be staying in with friends and making some Halloween themed snacks and treats. Not only will this be a more cozy and intimate, it will be more affordable which is my number one priority before my trip to Thailand.

I know I’ve been MIA for a few months. Like last summer, I was in North Carolina for three months working at a summer camp. My plan was to work all summer and save for a few trips. First to California, then Jamaica with my mom and last the trip to Thailand I’ve been talking about for months. I’ll get more into my trips a little later, right now I want to share some of the links I’ve been stocking up on.


Looking for a cute and easy dessert option? Try these Oreo Truffles Four Ways.

adorable-festive-halloween-oreo-ballsImage: Chelsea’s Messy Apron

Monsters, Mummies, Bats and Pumpkins, these frighteningly cute 5 Ingredient Halloween Oreo Truffles couldn’t be easier to make and the author even linked the hard to find ingredients so you can order them online!

If you prefer a more classic cookie as a sweet treat, check out these 13 Halloween Cookie Ideas You Can Actually DIY.
peanut-butter-spider-cookiesImage: Mommy Musings


October marks the beginning of cuddle season and what could be better than watching scary movies with bae?  Check out this list of The 34 Best Horror Movies Streaming on Netflix in October. After a long bus ride through the mountains of Germany listening to my travel-mates explain the plot of this twisted thriller. The Human Centipede is definitely on my To-Watch List.

human-centipede-horror-filmImage: Everett Collection


Although I’m not at all artistically inclined, these 73 Mind-Blowing Halloween Makeup Ideas do not disappoint! How cool and creepy is this Ouija Makeup!?


Image: The Fashion Spot


Halloween is not complete without a Harry Potter-a-thon and as a Potterhead, I couldn’t be happier with all the new Harry Potter themed products and ideas popping up right now.

HP themed items are EVERYTHING and one thing that’s been ALL over my FB feed lately are these Harry Potter Makeup Brushes from Storybook Cosmetics. The biggest mind fuck of it all is I actually know one of the triplets who was genius enough to create these magical beauty brushes!

harry-potter-wand-makeup-brushesImage: Storybook Cosmetics

My muggle life would be complete if someone could just create these Harry Potter Makeup Palettes IRL (in real life). SpellsandStars created these makeup palletes in Photoshop for fun and the Potter-sphere is going mad! While the Slytherin palate probably creates the best smokey eye, I’m Gryffindor through and through!

Image: SpellsandStars/Reddit

What could be better than a Halloween Party filled with Witches, Wizards, Sorting Hats and Dementors? From Table Quidditch and Butter Beer to Golden Snitches and Dementor Pinatas, here are the best and most creative  27 Magical Ideas For The Perfect “Harry Potter” Party that I’ve seen!


Image: Amazon

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