Mommy + Me + Five Days in Jamaica

I did it! I not only survived five days in a small room with my mom, I actually enjoyed it! She invited me to Jamaica with a couple of her co-workers and 20 other women from their church group. My first thoughts were; I’ll probably be one of the youngest people there and this would be the first time I traveled out of the country with my mom.

Day 1

14344163_10210771829874319_2948622297996535932_nMommy & Me Jamaica Bound

Within 24 hours of arriving in Montego Bay my phone broke. I was devastated. Not only could I not take photos…I couldn’t SNAPCHAT! And let’s face it, if you don’t Snap it…did it even happen? Joking…kinda! Most of these photos were saved to my Snapchat Memories, thank goodness! So please excuse the quality of some of these images. Luckily, I also brought my GoPro, so I was able to capture some of the island vibes.

img_0143The View

caribbeanmexicojamaicajamaicades_000148trelawnyres_002317royaltonwhitesandsThe Room via First Choice

Besides early flights and longish layovers, getting from SFO to Montego Bay was easy. We traveled through the night and arrived in Jamaica the following afternoon. After we checked into the all-inclusive, Royalton White Sands Resort. We were more than ready for a shower and a nap, but we pushed through and headed out.

I quickly made friends with some of the staff and they all told me that the best places to party in Montego Bay are Margaritaville (better during the day) and Pier 1. We stopped by both but Pier 1 was packed and hosting a fashion show that night, yes please! There was an open air dance floor next to the DJ who was playing some of my favorite reggae, dancehall and Top 20 songs.

img_0107Pier 1 Selfie

Day 2

img_0113Owner of the Coconut Stand

The next day we hired a car to take us sightseeing and shopping. We ended up using the same driver the entire time, so he was more like a tour guide. On our way into Ocho Rios I spotted a coconut stand and just NEEDED one! After about an hour in the car, we all needed a bathroom break so we stopped in St. Ann’s Bay.



Right next door was Juici Patties, the best Beef Patties in Jamaica according to our guide. And that’s where I ate the best $1 meal of my life. If you’ve never had a beef patty, it’s spicy ground beef baked inside a flaky pastry shell. If I’m 100% honest, you can find beef patties all over the island. In gas stations, convenient stores and even your hotel. But the patties at Juici Patties were hands-down, the best.

img_0112Juici Patties

The next stop was Ocho Rios. We saw this little artists village and stopped to shop. At first my mom was overwhelmed by all of the vendors asking us to visit their booth. But by the end, she was haggling like a pro trying to get the best price for Blue Mountain Coffee. I on the other hand got a few small gifts for my brothers and bestie, a shot glass for my collection and was good to go!

img_0109Art Vendor


Before we left Ocho Rios we stopped at Scotchies for dinner. Scotchies is known for having some of the best jerk chicken in Jamaica and it didn’t disappoint. However, the Roast Fish was incredible and a must-try! I was also surprised to find that the coconut water comes in a clear bottle that looks like an average bottle of water (mind-blown!).

Day 3

The most exciting thing my mom and I did was the Cool Runnings Catamaran Cruise. We were picked up at the hotel and brought back to Ocho Rios where we had a simple lunch of jerk chicken, peas and rice and salad. We then boarded the boat where there was music and mingling before snorkeling in a coral cove. It was my first time snorkeling and I can’t explain how it felt seeing the underwater world. It was breathtaking. From there it was off to Dunn’s River for a hike from the bottom to the top of a waterfall!


When we got off the boat at Dunn’s River there was a couple smoking cigarettes. The park officials kindly asked them to put out the cigarettes and after a little back and forth one of the guards pointed upwards and said “The spiders don’t like the smoke.” I looked up and saw that the trail to the beach was lined with trees and each tree was the host to hundreds of HUGE spiders!

You better believe, on the way back to the boat I power walked that trail and didn’t dare look up!  Once we boarded the reggae tunes were turned up, beef patties were passed out and the bar was open. Like literally, OPEN BAR!  We also stopped at a store for discount goods (it was one of those tours..) but there was a free rum tasting. I might’ve overdone it that night. So after dinner, I excused myself and went to bed early.

Day 4


As digital nomad and work from home/abroad, so I scheduled a relaxing beach/pool/work day. I needed make some money but wanted to take some time to enjoy the resort facilities. My day started with breakfast at the buffet and my fair share of Blue Mountain Coffee with rum cream. I considered going to a water aerobics class, but headed down to lounge on the beach instead. The Royalton is a waterfront property, so I just walked passed the pool to the blue water beach. From the beach I hung out at the pool’s swim-up bar and after a few Bob Marley’s I headed up to my room for a nap and some styling. Click here to see a clip from Beach Day.


Day 5

I had a few more more hours of work to complete, so I worked again on the fifth day and packed knowing the last night would be busy. Some of the ladies did the Bob Marley Tour that day while others Swam with Dolphins at Dolphin Cove.

The ladies who planned the trip scheduled a themed activity each night. From Game Night to a Masquerade which just happened to be the same night there was a Michael Jackson impersonator performing. My favorite outfit was my White Party look. Those linen wide leg pants were so chic and comfy!  I wore them with a simple tank, tucked to show a little skin and a body chain. Although my face was melting off from the humidity, I wanted to make sure you noticed my green lipstick. Later that night we headed to the beach for a prayer circle and to release wishing lanterns. It was a perfect way to wrap up our time trip.


Overall, it was an amazing trip. Not only did I get to spend some quality time with my mom. I was able to get outside of my comfort zone and explore a new country. Food was a major part of this trip and the local cuisine lived up to the hype. Most importantly, I was able relax on the beach and drink rum punch, lots of rum punch. What more could a girl ask for?


Have you been to Jamaica? Visit any of the same places? Planning a trip there? Leave a comment and let me know.

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