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I’m always looking for ways to save time and money when I travel. There are many common ones like wearing your heaviest shoes and jacket on the plane or packing snack and booze. Here are ten tried and true travel hacks that I practice every time I travel.


Book One Way Flights. This is best for domestic flights stateside or internationally. For example, my flight from Bangkok to Krabi in southern Thailand was less than $80 roundtrip because I booked with two different airlines. Most third-party sites like Kayak and Kiwi do this.

24-hour Refund Window. Even nonrefundable flights generally have a 24-hour window during which you can cancel without paying a fee. So if you see a deal that’s too good to pass up, snag it. You’ll have another day to find a better rate or change your mind.

Scan or take a photo of your passport, ID, and itinerary and email them to yourself. This provides an extra copy of each in case of loss or theft.


Roll Your Clothes. Rolling allows more things to fit in your suitcase. You can even roll underwear and socks within your clothes and shoes to save extra space.

Bring A Pen. There are always forms to fill out, at the airport or on the flight. Especially when traveling internationally. So bring a pen so you don’t have to ask for one.

BYOB. Instead of buying water bottles, BYOB. You can’t have water in it passing through security, but once you get to the gate you can fill up at a water fountain or restaurant. They’re also great while you’re traveling. In Thailand there was always free water bottles in the room, I would keep my bright pink bottle filled so I could stay hydrated.

Use ATMs For Local Currency. ATMs dispense local currency and are generally less expensive than those currency exchanges booths. TIP: Make sure you notify your bank that you will be in a different country so you don’t have any issues at the ATM.


Download Helpful Apps: Offline Navigation Apps like Here We Go are great at helping navigate a new city. The best part is after you download the country map, you can use it without Wifi or a SIM card. FoodSpotting is a great App that helps you find new restaurants based on photos and location. See more of my favorite Travel Apps here and here.

Make Free Calls While Abroad. There are lots of Apps you can use for free Wifi calls. My top three are Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and SnapChat.

Eat Locally. I understand you’re craving a burger and fries. But you’ll pay a premium for that. Instead, save money and immerse yourself in the culture by trying the local cuisine.


Are there any travel hacks you swear by? If so, please share them below, I’m always looking for ways to save time, money or both.


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