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Tis the season for DIY-ing and what could be a better starting point than the IKEA catalog? Now that I’m back home from my travels and nesting, all I want to do is personalize my 850 square foot studio apartment. Add unique details that make it uniquely mine. I’m also working with the owner and putting the final touches on the custom kitchenette. Yesterday we picked out the cabinetry, sink and shelves at Ikea. This week he’s going to shop around for the best price on quartz countertops. Then all of the real work begins.

I got a chance to touch, see and shop the Ikea 2017 arrivals. Two hours later, I’d completed my task and a Best of List. All of which could help turn any house into a home. So if you have a few hours to kill and want to add budget-friendly accessories to your home, keep reading! Here’s the Best of Ikea 2017. My picks are perfect for budgets and spaces large or small.


The ELVARLI $740  is the perfect storage solution for those with limited closet space like myself. The best things is you can add more shelves, drawers and whatever else you might need to this wardrobe to customize it for your space.
Photo via Livet Emma


What’s better than one FALSTERBO Wall Shelf $90? Two FALSTERBO wall shelves! Well, they look like pretty great side by side in this kitchen designed by Maija Rasila. It’s a little too dark for my kitchen space but it has all the necessities; shelves, drawers and little hooks to hang mugs and other small items on.ikea2
Photo via Pihkala


This BIRKET Rug $140 would add a fun pop of color and print to any room. The dense, thick pile rug adds warmth and a cozy surface during the cold winter months. ikea-picks-birket-rug-lgPhoto via Brit.Co

KVISTBRO Storage Tables

The KVISTBRO Storage Tables $50-$60 is where function meets fashion. These  versatile storage tables are ideal for small-space dwellers like myself. Use them to store almost anything, from books and board games to blankets and pillows. ikea-picks-kvistbro-storage-tables-lgPhoto via Brit.Co


Add a black paint to Ikea’s  BOTKYRKA Shelf $30 and voilà, a chic and modern kitchen shelf with an edge. The shelf is not wide, so don’t think about storing plates or larger items here. The black and white dishes make a bold statement that would look great in any kitchen. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Photo via oblik.

KNOTTEN Standing Desk

If you work from home like me, the KNOTTEN Standing Desk $150 is a welcome addition. There’s a space for everything; laptop, chargers, calendars, mail and keys. Which means this standing desk can transform the smallest alcove into a functioning office space. ikea-picks-knotten-standing-desk-lgPhot Brit.Co

RASKOG Utility Cart

I’ve been eyeing the RASKOG Utility Cart $30 for a while, but the new color options pushed me over the edge. Who doesn’t need a cute bar cart? Me, but a cute catchall, everyone needs that! This one looks luxe next to the leather couch.screenshot-2016-12-08-at-3-37-05-am-edited

Photo via Livet Hemma

GRÖNADAL Rocking Chair

The GRÖNADAL Rocking Chair $250 is a practical way to add some whimsy to your living space. The chairs are manufactured in a rattan factory in Vietnam using traditional techniques in an effort to keep the handicraft tradition alive. 1-24-768x576
Photo via Livet Hemma

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