Holiday Traditions

Happy Holidays Lovies! The holiday season always makes me more reflective. I think about family, traditions and previous holidays. Some dream of a white Christmas, while others escape for a beachside yuletide. There are so many different types of holiday traditions and I’ve been lucky enough to experience a few of them. I dated a guy whose family would have lobster on Christmas Eve. So I did that for two years. I worked for a family that would get matching pajamas for Christmas. Everyone would put on their pj’s to take a classic family photo.


Photo via Ali Inay

When I lived in California one of my favorite traditions was celebrating on New Year’s Eve with my best friend and her family. They’re from El Salvador, so they celebrate the night before Christmas. The house would be filled with family, food and music all unfamiliar and exotic. Over the years, those are some of my favorite memories. Taking shots of Don Julio with her dad, drinking margaritas and dancing Merengue with her mom and the food! The food was always incredibly delicious. Tamales, Panes and Pupusas. I was recently watching The Chew, Mario Batali made pupusas and it brought back so many memories! Check out the video here.


Photo via Angelica Wedell

Pupusas have been one of my favorite foods for a while. I grew up in a predominately Latin neighborhood, so there was a “pupusa lady”. I could place an order at her house and pick them up in a few hours. I would get a knock on my door from time to time from a church group selling tamales and pupusas to raise money. Still, the best ones I’ve ever had were made by my best friends mom. Watching Mario make them, it looked pretty easy so I’ll definitely give it a try.


Photo via Serious Eats/Lauren Rothman

I’m spending another Christmas in Atlanta without my immediate family. For the second year I will be with friends that are like family. We’ll open presents in the morning, I’ll help cook an early dinner and we’ll all go out to see the new Star Wars movie. This is what we did last year and it was fun! It’s a family-friendly tradition that both kids and grownups enjoy.


Photo via PicJumbo

I don’t have any kids yet (or a man for record) but I’m sure once I start a family we’ll create our own traditions. I’m not sure if we’ll have matching pajamas, and I don’t hate the thought of a white Christmas but I will be taking a shot tonight for old times sake! What are some of your favorite holiday traditions? Do you prefer a White Christmas or Beachside Yuletime?

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