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Television shows like Treehouse Masters are proof that treehouses are not just for kids! I’m obsessed with the show and binge-watch it almost every weekend. While I’m a nature enthusiast, I wouldn’t consider myself “outdoorsy” so I’d happily opt for a cabin in the woods instead of a tent. These ten incredible treehouses bring style and luxury to the great outdoors in unimaginable ways.

Flying Squirrel Treehouse

$85 / Night | Sleeps: 2
Photo via Airbnb
The Flying Squirrel Treehouse is a new and off-the-grid. Basic in design and budget-friendly, it’s the perfect place for the nature loving duo. Hike up the trail for 10 minutes and arrive at your home in the trees surrounded by the Red River Gorge Geological Area. The property backs up to 120 ft cliffs. Enjoy the view from a pullout sofa that turns into a comfy bed for two.

Treehouse Blue Mountains

$752 / Night | Sleeps: 2
Photo via Airbnb
The impeccably decorated Treehouse Blue Mountains is secluded and offers a true back-to-nature experience. The Blue Mountain Treehouse delivers stunning views of Bowen’s Creek Gorge and the Blue Mountains rainforest. Relax in this one-of-a-kind cabin, complete with spa, kitchenette, Queen bed, fireplace and floor to ceiling windows. Spend your days hiking and nights star gazing.

Châteaux dans les arbres Milandes

$253 / Night | Sleeps: 4
Photo via Airbnb

Châteaux dans les arbres Milandes‘ architecture is inspired by the castle of the same name in Dordogne, France. This unique treehouse has stunning panoramic views and a private hot tub on the terrace to view them from. Sleeping quarters include a room with a double bed and a room with two bunk beds.

The Taveuni Treehouse

$120 / Night | Sleeps: 4
Photo via Airbnb
Hidden away on a coconut plantation in Fiji is The Taveuni Treehouse75 steps lead to a treetop retreat with views of the Somosomo Strait for as far as the eye can see. The deck runs the length of the structure and houses a hammock, outdoor dining area and a stone shower. The private treehouse is part of a larger resort compound. Treehouse guests are invited to join in resort activities and use the restaurant, bar, pool, and spa. 


$350 / Night | Sleeps: 2

Photo via Airbnb

Centrally located within the heart Atlanta is “AirBNB’s most wished-for listing”. The Secluded Intown Treehouse consists of 3 separate rooms; the Living Room, the Bedroom, and the Deck. Each is connected by glowing rope bridges. This one is near my current apartment. If it didn’t cost half my rent I’d stay here in a second. 

Sunset Beach Treehouse Bungalow
$209 / Night  | Sleeps: 4
Photo via Airbnb
Live like a local in the Sunset Beach Treehouse Bungalow located on Hawaii’s famous north shore. With spectacular ocean views, this lush jungle bungalow is the ultimate retreat for surfers, yogis and nature lovers. After breakfast head to the communal yoga deck overlooking the ocean. Want to go kitesurfing, paddleboarding, bicycling or windsurfing? All of those things available on the property.
Dreamy Tropical Treehouse
$200 / Night | Sleeps: 2
Photo via Airbnb

 Experience true off-grid living in the Hawaiian jungle without sacrificing any of the comforts of home. Red cinder leads you through the dense jungle to the Dreamy Tropical Treehouse. This bamboo treehouse is about 15-feet off the ground and is only accessible by the ‘ladder-stairs’. The wrap around porch offers a 360-degree view of the lush jungle, while two sliding glass doors lead to the bedroom. The indoor-outdoor shower uses naturally caught rainwater and the electricity is powered by sunlight. Listen to the sounds of the jungle while lounging on the bed that’s suspended beneath the floor of the living quarters. The best part is, every night you sleep in this treehouse you’re helping save the rainforest! A donation will be made to protect 4 trees in Papua New Guinea.

Aroma(n)tica Treehouse
$152 / Night | Sleeps: 2
Photo via Airbnb

Enjoy amazing panoramic views at Italy’s Aroma(n)tica Treehouse. The shabby chic decor adds a fresh homey feel to this simple treehouse. After breakfast is delivered go for a nature walk in the sprawling gardens. Then lounge in the solarium or take a dip in the swimming pool. Located in the Monferrato, one of Italy’s most important wine districts makes wine-tasting a must. Then head to town to enjoy a delicious Italian dinner.

Romantic, Luxury Treehouse Retreat
South Carolina
$245 / Night | Sleeps: 2
Photo via Airbnb

Conveniently located between Charlotte and Atlanta is an extraordinary treehouse hidden on 40 acres of paradise. The Romantic, Luxury Treehouse Retreat is the perfect place to rest and reconnect. The vintage and antique features are what makes this treehouse so unique. Enjoy organic, locally roasted coffee on vintage fine china while playing vintage board games. After hiking or biking the on-site trails rinse off in the outdoor shower, then take a nap in the outdoor rope bed, 2-person hammock or antique handpainted king size bed. End the day by having an organic dinner delivered while you lounge by the fireplace.

Treehouse Lofty Lodge
$299 / Night | Sleeps 4
Photo via Airbnb

What’s not to love about the Treehouse Lofty Lodge? The rustic decor and beautiful chandeliers have nothing on the stunning views. Centrally located, this treehouse is close to parks, restaurants, and the beach. Making this a great option for families. Luxe touches like the hot tub and indoor fireplace add a cozy feel and searching for the secret room adds to the family fun! 


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  1. I’ve always heard of stories of people growing up with a tree house in their backyard (I wasn’t one of them)… Would definitely feel like childhood dream come true to spend a night in one!
    Have you spent a night in any of these places yet? 🙂

    1. Not yet! I hope to stay in a treehouse one day. Like you, I did not grow up with one in my backyard, or a backyard at all! I’m a city girl! LOL! But I love natures and with a treehouse you get the comforts of home while being in nature! What could be better?

  2. Oh my days these are all so cool! I’d love to stay in absolutely any of them, especially Treehouse Blue Mountaina! Although to be honest with that price tag I’d be better off finding a tree and building my own haha. I love how clever the Italian one’s name is too. If only I had a bank full of money I’d happily make it my mission to visit all of these!

  3. Oh my these are amazing. I had a treehouse when I was a kid but god this places are unreal. I would love to stay in any of them. Thank you for the ideas, I am definitely going to check these out.

  4. Oh Wow, thanks for this list!! I can’t believe how expensive some of these places are!! And a chandelier?! WHAT!

    1. Yeah, this isn’t a Budget friendly post. But these are in my opinion the “Best in the World” which comes with a price! I can’t afford them…but a girl can dream right!? 💜

  5. I’ve always wanted a tree house when I was little but never got one so I think now as an adult, this is my chance to make my dream come true! Will be bookmarking this page for future reference!

  6. Australia and Georgia were my favorite. None of the CR ones made the list?! I hope to stay in one of these. It’s a goal of mine to get to one. I like the unconventional ways of staying somewhere!

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