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As you may know, I’m planning to move to South East Asia later this year. I’m over the moon excited about it and as Planner I’m currently working, saving and developing new sources of income that will be maintainable while traveling. I’ve heard the word Soloprenuer being thrown around and after looking it up, I realized that’s my ultimate goal.


I recently joined a few social networking groups and have found some great resources and sources of inspiration! I wanted to share them with you and walk you through my thought process. The most inspiring thing I found was this article on How These 6 Millennials Travel The World For A Living. One of the ladies is a member of a networking group I’m in and a total inspiration!

 I couldn’t find a better article breaking down 30+ Travel Bloggers Earning Over 5,000 USD / Month & How They Monetize Their Blogs. It’s a long one, but oh so informative! It’s complete, comprehensive and makes you feel like you’re getting in on an industry secret. Shhhh!
Photo via Two Monkeys Travel Group


It’s stories like Raja Kumari‘s that keep me hustlin. The Indian American Songwriter explains her Bolly-hood style and how she learned that combining her love for both American and traditional Indian culture would make her not only stand out, but learn to love herself even more.


I wanted to check out 15 Amazing Photos of the World from Someone Who Travels for a Living just for the photos at first. Then I learned how similar my story is to featured Travel Photographer Christina Tan. Like me, she attended fashion school and began a career in the fashion industry before becoming a travel photographer. This self-taught travel ‘grammer has created a space for herself online and is now a Digital Influencer, Content Creator and a Travel & Leisure Ambassador. She is total life goals!

Photo via Travel & Leisure via Christina Tan

After reading all of those awe-inspiring posts I had to ground myself a bit with a post titled Why I Say “DON’T Quit Your Job and Travel. I wouldn’t say that it’s discouraging, just very realistic. In the end, the author took the risk and it’s working out enough for her to continue. And to me, that’s a success story!

Capitola, Calfornia via Country Living via Getty Images


I’m a kid at heart and love almost anything Disney. I first noticed Jirka Vinse‘s “Real Life” series last year where he reimaginged Disney Characters like Mulan and Pocohantas. Showing what he thinks they’d look like as real people. He recently released a new series of villian inspired illustrations which are featured in the post What Disney Villains Would Look Like in Real Life.

Photo via Jirka Vinse

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  1. What a brilliant post, and also a great set of links – I LOVE the Disney illustrations! It sounds like you’ve amidst a really exciting time at the moment. It all sounds wonderful, and good luck with the move! 🙂

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