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I was captivated by Brooklyn-based photographer Amani Willett‘s photo series documenting locations that served as stops on the Underground Railroad. His aim was to reveal their “invisible history” and he did just that with this shot of the Church of the Pilgrims, also called the “Grand Depot”. Hundreds of runaway slaves hid in the basement of this church on their road to freedom.

If like me, that video makes you want to hop on a plane to your next solo adventure. Check out Passport Index, it’s a great place to see which countries you’ll need a Visa for depending on your country of origin.

Photo via Passport Index

I did a Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for all my Jetsetting Ladies out there. Drop your boo a hint this holiday and send them this link as a little reminder to be original and thoughtful this year.

I’m sure I’m fashionably late to the party, but my bestie just told me about this show and I binged the first season on Netflix. Long story short, Type-A Girl meets Dreamy Carefree Boy. He explains why they should live like there’s no tomorrow. They create a Bucketlist that include things like “See the Northern Lights” and check things off every episode. The show really resonated with me. It made me reexamine some of the big-ish decisions and leaps of faith I’m taking right now. I’d suggest adding it to your Watch List if you haven’t seen it yet!

I want to show YOU some love, so this Valentine’s Day, I’m giving something away! Something cute and sparkly to be exact. Enter win one of these delicate and deainty handmade necklaces from Frolick Jewelry.

Enter here to win this handmade Rose Gold Bar Necklace valued at $46.

Body Positivity

Metallic Curves

Body inclusivity is something near and dear to me. It wasn’t until I stumbled upon the Plus Size Fashion Community that I saw positive images of women who looked like me. Fat women being active, being happy, being fabulous! Plus size model and photographer Silvana Denker hopes her “Metallic Curves” photo series will help “people realize there is not only one body type or one perfect body.” Which is my mission, so I had to share my favorite shot.

Photo via Silvana Denker

People Are Rapping Over Beyonce’s ‘Ego’ To Declare Self-Love

Did you hear about the #EgoChallenge? It was a Body Positive video challenge that went viral and I am TOTALLY here for it! Especially  Jane “Chika” Oranika‘s, check it out below.

Monif C. Drops a New Swimwear Collection

You’re probably thinking, it’s cold as hell! Why are you even thinking about swimwear!? The truth is, in the plus size fashion industry- if you snooze you loose. There is such a huge demand for quality, on-trend pieces for plus size women that when something is available, it’s as good as gone. So I don’t shop in-season, I usually shop a season ahead. Right now, all signs are pointing to Coachella and I’m daydreaming about swimwear and sunnies!

Best of the Week

Let me let you in on a not-so-secret, secret. I’m OBSESSED with Clueless! I don’t think you understand. I used to reenact the movie with my friends, so I know Every. Single. Word. I was literally giving out makeovers in the girl’s bathroom in fifth grade while wearing patent leather penny loafers and a matching skirt set. No, seriously, I went to FIDM in L.A. because the costume designer of Clueless (Mona May) went there.  And guess who was the inspirational speaker at my orientation!?? MONA MAY! So obsessed is almost putting it lightly. With the current political climate of the United States nothing made me happier than the wise words of Cher Horowitz.

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  1. Great collection of links, the jewelry is so adorable! I especially think that ring should be mine haha.
    Thanks for linking Amani, I’m from Brooklyn so it definitely caught my interest. I’m going to check out the series.

  2. OMG girl I could look look at Denker’s “Metallic Curves” series alllllll day. 👏👏👏 Amani’s photo series is SO moving. Thanks for putting a great collection together babe. 👌

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