Countdown to Coachella: Secrets, Tricks & Tips

I received the email. My wristband is on its way!  I’m counting down the days until my first Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. I know, I know, it’s overrated and totally mainstream. But, I’ve always wanted to go, so I’m going! I was super excited when I found out Beyoncé was performing. But, I’m equally stoked for Mama Monster. I got my ticket during the pre-sale, so I didn’t know the lineup. Which probably makes a difference in my reaction. Compared to someone who bought tickets specifically to see Bey. I’m not only looking forward to the music, I can’t wait for the art installations. Below I’m sharing how I was able to afford tickets and what I’m doing to prepare for one of the biggest summer festivals in the world.


Photo via Coachella

Getting Tickets to Coachella

For years, my college bestie and I have been saying we want to go to the Coachella Valley Festival. Last year we did a little digging and decided we were going to make it happen in 2017.  I’m not gonna lie, the tickets are EXPENSIVE! Plus I have to travel from Atlanta to Los Angeles. Getting our ticket during the pre-sale is the only reason I’m able to afford Coachella. When you purchase your tickets pre-sale, you have the option to do a payment plan. Instead of paying nearly $500 all at once for tickets and a shuttle pass. I paid about $80 a month for a few months, which actually made it affordable.

TIP: The pre-sale tickets sell out very quickly and there are only a few payment plan slots. So when the pre-sale dates are announced, put a reminder on your calendar.


Safari Tent via Delux Mag

As soon as the tickets went on sale to the public we booked our hotel room. We didn’t want all of the affordable options selling out. There are many different types of accommodations at Coachella depending on your budget and the experience you want to have. There’s tent or car camping for the budget-friendly party animal. If glamping is more your style the on-site Safari Tents look fabulous and while expensive, the Tee Pees at Lake  Eldorado are the epitome of Coachella vibes. Airbnb and Couchsurfing are always an option, but we decided on a midrange hotel, with a pool that’s walking distance to a shuttle stop. That way we can pregame to save a few coins and not have to worry about calling an Uber or driving back to the hotel each night.


I’m a sleuth. So researching and planning are fun for me. While I’ve never been to Coachella, I have been to similar music festivals like OutsideLands in San Francisco. The most important thing is to listen to the bands and figure out which ones are a must-see. I do this by listening to the bands on Youtube. The Coachella Youtube Channel has a playlist with all of the featured performers, so I’ve been listening to it and saving my favorites on my own playlist.

I’m also trying to figure out how to get invited to some of those VIP events and after parties. So I’m researching last years brands/parties and digging up those pr contacts. I’ve also asked my bestie, who lives in L.A. to see if she knows someone, who knows someone.

Here are a few articles I found with helpful tips and tricks. First Time at Coachella? How to Navigate the Festival Like a ProCoachella 2016: Your Survival Guide and Coachella 2017 Parties: Full List of Pool Parties and After Parties.


Are you going to Coachella? I’ll be there the second weekend and would LOVE to meet up!

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