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I hope you’re having a great week so far! I’m running behind on a few things, but I will get it together today! LOL, I just wanted to give you an updated installment of the posts, photos, and videos that I’m currently loving. As always, it’s a curated list of travel, fashion and lifestyle links that I think are cool enough to share with you. Please leave comments below and feel free to share any links you think I’d like!


I’m moving out my Atlanta Apartment in a few weeks and heading to San Diego to visit one my closest friends who’s preggers. This will probably be the last time I see her before I  move to Thailand so it’s a must. From SD I’m going up to L.A. I’ll be in L.A. and Indio for Coachella while I’m in SoCal. I’m starting to make a list of all the things I want to see, do, and eat while I’m there. Here are three things that made my list.

I’m excited that I get to see Artist Replaces Billboards with Photos of the Landscapes They’re Blocking. It’s an exhibit that’s going to be in the desert on the road leading to Coachella. It features emerging artists and makes a bold statement.

Art Installation by Jennifer Bolande for Desert X. Photograph by Lance Gerber Studio.

This list of The 100 Most Iconic Dishes in Los Angeles is really helping me narrow down the Insta-worthy places I need to add to my itinerary while I’m in L.A. How yummy do these Macarons from Bottega Louie look?

I love hiking. In Atlanta, I’m considered a hippie, by new friends. I grew up in Marin County, California and almost everyone I knew hiked. Maybe they didn’t go weekly, but there were so many spectacular trails, views and sunshiny days that hiking is fun and easy! Not all of the trails are easy, but there are so many areas to hike that getting to a State Park or Nature Preserve is convenient. This list of the Best Hikes For Chasing Waterfalls Near San Francisco is on point. I’ve hiked 4 out of 8 of these trails and they are all beautiful. Not all of them will have water year round, but I think the recent rains have helped since my last visit.

Alamere Falls, Point Reyes Photo by Akos Kokai

Body Positivity

Say It Loud, I’m Fat & I’m Proud! I started a Facebook Group and Instagram for a new passion project I’m working on called Fat Girls Traveling.  In the past few weeks a few other bloggers have reached out to me about it and I’ve started to reach back and look into growing the community. One of my goals is to take the stigma out of the word Fat and these three kick ass bloggers are doing the same. I love what  Amanda of Arms Wide Open said in her post I am Fat. I can relate to that exact situation in my personal life. When I call myself Fat, people always feel obligated to say “but you’re so pretty” who said I was ugly? I just said I was fat. Those things are not mutually exclusive, to me at least.  Ariel of Wanderful penned “Fat” is Not a Bad Word which mirrors the same sentiment.

Photo Via Arms Wide Open

I was so impressed with the vulnerability of the post I will tip that boat! And 5 More Plus Sized Travel Fears that I had to reach out to Susie of Some Day One Day. We had a long conversation and I look forward to sharing more of her work with you,

Thanks to Lane Bryant I’ve discovered Curves With Moves. This video appeared on my feed and I saved it straight away. Dancing is so fun it doesn’t feel like exercise to me. I have a few go-to YouTube dance classes that I love. I’ll be in NYC before I leave the country, so I will try to take one of Jessie’s classes.

I admit it, I love Facebook! My God Mom tagged me when she saw Julia Busato Photography’s Mannequin Series and I’m so happy she did. The images are a stunning and diverse mix of fashion and lifestyle. All are empowering and revealing. 

Photo Via Julia Busato Photography

Fashion & Beauty

You can get your hair and nails done when you get an oil change at this all-female auto shop, and what’s better than a twofer? I actually heard of this a few years ago when I was in the audience for Tyra Banks’ Fab Life and I’m happy they are still in business. I apply for free seats at live shows when I go to L.A. I’ll write a whole itinerary post in the next week or so and spill my secrets on that.

Being a 90’s kid, when I see the Target commercial for this line I totally fangirl out! Spice Up Your Life, yes, please! I was ALL about the Spice Girls and Platforms when I was in middle school. Then I learned that Victoria Beckham’s Target Collection Includes Plus Sizes and was even more excited for the April 9th launch.

Photo Via Target

So, you’re probably going, “Is this like a joke or what?” But I promise you, the New Clueless Comic Book is the real deal! If you’re like me, Clueless changed your life. If you search Clueless on this blog, you’ll find countless references because the movie has impacted me THAT much. Anywho, this looks super cute and I can’t wait to order mine when they’re available in August. They will like, totally be like, collector’s items. Duh!

Photo via Vanity Fair

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  1. this is such an honest and eclectic list of things! first that pic with the mannequin is awesome and i love that there are writers challenging stigmas of curvy women. i’m definitely going to give those a read, thanks for sharing. and hiking does not make you a hippie! 🙂 my brother lives in the bay area and part of why i enjoy visiting so much is getting out to go on the GREAT hikes in the area. as you said, the scenery is incredible!

    1. Thanks! I’m so happy you love hiking in the Bay as well! I have no problem with being a hippie to them. But I’m from where the REAL hippies are! LOL

  2. Oh! I really enjoyed reading your post! You’re helping give women strength to break out of cliches and stigmas when it comes to travel blogging, but also just simply life! Thank you for that!

  3. This is legit such a great idea for a post – I love it! I really liked the photo with the mannequins and ALSO the mention of the word twofer which never fails to remind me of ‘Toofer’ from 30 Rock!!

  4. Wow, I absolutely love this post! Especially the “Artist Replaces Billboards with Photos of the Landscapes They’re Blocking” post was very interesting & and I really admire what you’re doing on the Fat Girls project. Following on IG 🙂

  5. I clicked on the 100 Iconic dishes in LA article. First pic is of the godmother from Bay Cities, so I knew it had to be a legit list. 😉 Favorite sandwich ever, totally craved that like crazy when I was pregnant (you’re not supposed to eat deli meat, who knew?!) Now I have to go through the rest of that list, thanks for sharing!

  6. I love the idea of artists replacing ugly billboards with pictures of the landscapes they block. Photographers will definitely agree with this and it will add to the quirkiness of the American road trip. I hope this can become a permanent exhibition.

  7. Wow, such a cool collection of different topics – all made me think! The photo/billboard exhibit is genius. Bloggers crushing the stigma of being fat rocks. And those macarons…. sorry, just drooled on my keyboard 😉 Thanks for sharing!

  8. Your blog post is so motivating for all women who are insecure. We all need sometimes this kind of post to give us back the faith. Thanks for sharing 🙂
    I love those macaroons looks soooo yummy 🙂

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