Summer 2017 LookBook

I always thought that my comfort zone was behind the camera. I’ve worked in the fashion industry for over 10 years and have done everything from styling to photography. I could probably count on one hand how many times I’ve been in front of a professional lens. It wasn’t until I decided that I wanted to take my blog to the next level and become a professional blogger that I even considered creating a LookBook. I wanted it to be sexy and sassy, yet fun and empowering. I also wanted to use minimal editing to show other women that rolls and cellulite are just as sexy as a cinched waist and a beat face when you add a little confidence to the mix. I knew I wanted to make food and travel my co-stars, so I decided to produce a promotional shoot for myself while I was in L.A.

The Food

As a Fat Fashion and Travel Blogger, it’s important for me to do what I can to take the shame out of having a bigger body. And of course, I had to do that in a tongue and cheek sorta way! Being that I was in California, the fast food junkie in me insisted that I eat as much In-N-Out as possible! So why not turn that into one of the locations for my shoot!


Is there anything in life better than a Double-Double with Animal Style Fries and a Coke? No, seriously, I’m asking. I’ve yet to find such a thing!

Annette-Summer-LookBook-In-N-OutYeah, I’m Fat and I’m still eating. So what!?

Shirt via Wish

When my bestie asked if she should order this Donut Pool Float for our stay in Palm Springs, I was like HELL YEAH!  I would’ve ordered one for myself, but seeing that I’m living the Digital Nomad life, I’m trying not to collect things that I won’t need during my travels. Owning a food floatie just wasn’t on the top of my list. But posing in the pool on one was, and when I saw that it paired perfectly with my Swimsuits For All Bikini, let’s just say that I strongly encouraged her to make the purchase. The icing on the cake was that I saw the exact same donut when we walked to 7-11 to get our daily caffeine fix. Can we say perfect prop!


Sprinkles on Sprinkle on Sprinkles!


Bikini via Swimsuits For All

Dress To Impress

Summer means more than just beaches and bikinis, it’s the best time for a dress. I also wanted to feature a few fantastic dresses in my Lookbook. Being the busty babe that I am, I wanted dresses that didn’t show my bra straps while still being chic and summery.

This Lane Bryant Dress met the criteria. It’s chic and sexy with its lace detailing and statement sleeves. But the swing shape keeps it easy, breezy and comfortable to move around in. Those heels, not so much! How do models do it!?

I leaned against the wall because I thought it would be a fierce pose…and my feet were killin’ me!

Dress provided by Lane Bryant

This Jaci Blue Caftan is one of my new favorite things! I can’t remember a day I didn’t wear it while I was in L.A. and Palm Springs. It’s literally perfect for everything from vegging out on the couch,  throwing it on before lounging by the pool and even heading out going to grab a coffee or lunch.

Dress provided by Jaci Blue

Top Two

Picking my favorite photo is like picking a favorite child. Nearly impossible! So I selected two. I can’t get enough of this Swimsuits For All bikini, especially the intricate neckline. I paired it with reflective sunnies and voilà, I was the Baddest Bitch at the pool. Granted, it was just me and the photographer at the pool, but that’s neither here nor there.

“If you want my body and you think I’m sexy….” wait, I KNOW I’m sexy!

From-Annette-Summer-LookBookIt was so hot I just had to cool down!

Bikini via Swimsuits For All

Adventure Then Pizza is a statement that perfectly sums up my life at this point. I wouldn’t call myself an adventure junkie in the classic term. You won’t catch this girl cliff jumping or swimming with sharks. However, I’ve turned my life into an adventure filled with travel, fashion and all of its other ups and downs. I’m so excited to have you on this journey with me and can’t wait to share what’s next.


Shirt via Wish

18 thoughts

  1. #SLAY!!! Loving every shot. Going to definitely check out that swimwear line. Those bathing suits are Fire. Go girl!

  2. I LOVE this, Annette!
    But….that blue dress! I hope you are keeping a lock on your clothes closet, because I may be tempted to sneak over to steal that blue dress….

  3. I really love your confidence. You are beautiful and you are working it sistah. I’m working to get up my confidence which it’s not easy. I’m 51 years of age 5’11 and 295 lbs. and retired from my day care business. Getting back to working on my confidence I don’t know where to start can you give me some pointers please. Thank you in advance 😊😊

    1. Thanks for your kind words Genell!! I would say the first step is following other plus size bloggers on social media. Some of my favorites are Gabi Fresh, Gorgeous in Grey and Chasity of Garner Style. Seeing other Plus women loving and embracing their curves was something that really helped me. <3

  4. Kudos! I saw “it” the first day we met. Told myself this young lady will do great things in life …and here you go. It is a pleasure watching you evolve ❤️

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