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So, you’re probably thinking “Why is she calling these ladies the “F” word? Isn’t that rude and disrespectful?” That’s the common response when I tell someone new about my travel group Fat Girls Traveling. It started as an Instagram account and has quickly grown into a thriving Facebook Community with over 500 members. Our members include trans and non-binary women of all ages, races, and abilities.

My goal with creating Fat Girls Traveling was to build a safe and inclusive community, as well as help, take the stigma out of the word Fat. Fat does not mean ugly. Fat does not mean lazy. Fat does not mean unhealthy. Some people magically become medical doctors when they see a fat person. “Being overweight is not good for your health.” “Don’t you want to live long enough to see your kids grow up?” “Don’t you want to be able to have kids? At that weight, it’s risky”. My question is, what university did you attend to become a medical doctor? Also, how do you magically know my weight or health history? You can’t diagnose me just by looking at me. If so, doctors wouldn’t be making SO much money and neither would the health insurance companies.

I’m proud to say, this group is brimming with amazingly adventurous women. But here are ten that you should know about. Remember to use our hashtag #FatGirlsTraveling to be featured on our Instagram.

Briana of Mama Fierce is a force! She’s a digital influencer using her powers for good. This fashion plate shines a light on some of the body positive sectors that are rarely talked about like ableism and mental health.

There would literally be no FGT Facebook Group if not for Amanda of Arms Wide Open. She reached out to me and asked if I was interested in starting a group for the Instagram account. I explained how many things I had on my plate and that I just didn’t think I’d have time to add another. She agreed to help me and the rest is history. This American expat is currently traveling through Asia with her boyfriend.

Sierra of Passport Voyager takes some of the most captivating travel photography that I’ve seen. Working remotely for a start-up company gives her the opportunity to travel. Snapping up bright and vivid memories in the process.

Sam has an affinity for traveling the world, watching British comedy, making people laugh, dressing fabulously and attempting to make Pinterest crafts.  When she’s not working as the social media producer for Matador Network. You can find her writing her blog  Call Me Adventurous or doing comedy and improv in the Big Apple.  Soon she’ll be off to holiday in the UK.

I’m lucky to call Jen of Travel with Curves my friend in real life. This Asheville, North Carolina based writer is working on getting out of her comfort zone one passport stamp at a time.

Edith of The Plus Size Backpacker is a great example of healthy at every size. An avid hiker, this Canadian based blogger has climbed Machu Picchu and hiked the jungles of Guatemala. Bulgaria is the next stop on her itinerary where she plans on hiking the Shipka Pass.

Coleen and her wife Jess are on the ultimate honeymoon adventure. I mean, who wouldn’t want to travel the world with their other half?  Most recently they were exploring beautiful South America.

Chantel of Voyaging Vagabond has 27 countries under her belt and counting. She’s on a journey to discover how big this world truly is and is currently state-side exploring the good ole U S of A.

Susie, the lady behind the blog Some Day One Day was one of the first FGT Members. Her travels through South East Asia had me feeling pangs of FOMO for weeks. She’s currently back in her home country of Canada planning her next great adventure.

Fashion and food blogger Bianca Karina is not afraid to put one fashionable foot in front of the other and hop on a plane. Her boho-hipster style is #goals for every twenty-something fashionista and she always reps for her Fatshionable sisters.

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  1. I’m so proud of you ladies. I’m still learning to accept myself, including being fat. I love the thought of not running away from the word fat but embracing and showing that being fat can be a positive thing. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks so much for your feedback Gigi! That means so much to me because inspiring confidence in others is my greatest goal! <3

  2. Body and fat shaming has got to stop! I have been on the opposite side of this spectrum as a skinny, tiny girl and was relentlessly bullied as a teen 🙁 Love that yellow dress against the lavender fields.

  3. That is so cool that you and another one of these ladies started a FB group! It really does help take the stigma out of the word fat. And people are so … they just don’t know their place and often don’t think before speaking. It’s none of your business or place to tell someone to loose weight. I’ll be going through this list and checking these ladies out on Instagram. I’m alway looking for other female travelers to follow!

  4. Thanks for including my blog! There is not enough representation for body types or WOC who travel. If the major travel publications don’t want to show the non model types traveling, we can choose to feature our own! Right?

    1. So true love! Thank YOU so much for your support for Fat Girls Traveling. It’s my baby and means so much to. I admire everything that you’re doing and just want to spotlight the ladies who’ve supported FGT from the start and during its incredible growth.

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