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  1. Fuck I love this! Also I am pretty sure I am the one who tagged her in your post on the blogger page. haha. Loved reading more about Kiona, even though I already know her and she’s amazing. Great interview. Great questions. Just awesome.

    1. Yay!! Thanks for connecting us! I love her too! We’ve been chatting since you connected us and I just had to let my readers know how awesome she is. I’m happy ou enjoyed the interview Sara. <3

  2. I liked the general gist of what this piece was saying and then I got to this:

    ‘People of color are sometimes more hateful and oppressive than Whites, which is hella ironic and even more unacceptable, considering people of color are already oppressed enough and we don’t need to be oppressing each other. ‘
    ‘You being offended by someone wearing a piece of clothing that may belong to your culture is internal oppression. You’re choosing to feel oppressed by that. ‘

    I don’t really leave comments on anything but just felt the need to say this. I’m sure why you believe colored people being hateful or oppressive is more offensive. In all honesty how exactly do colored people oppress white people in a society built to support white privilege? That doesn’t make any sense.

    And the oppression of any kind is not a choice – it is situational pressed upon individuals or groups of people by a society or group of people. So you can’t just turn off being oppressed. The issue is much more nuanced than that.

    Trying to simplify it by saying ‘I’m just not gonna feel oppressed’ is saying ‘I’m gonna ignore this because it doesn’t impact me the same way it does others’.

    1. Thanks for your comment Ann. Kiona and I are BOTH women of color who have been oppressed and received hateful comments by other women of color. I was personally told by another black woman that she would ruin my writing career and drag me on Black Twitter. I understand that she may not have liked my post, but does that give her the power to spew such hatred at me because we disagree. I think the point that Kiona was making is that women of color need to try to lift each other up instead of “dragging them” or learn to start a dialogue like you are here. To answer your question, neither myself or Kiona are white she is biracial and I’m Black. We can’t speak on white privilege because neither of us has experienced it. We are speaking as women of color who have, in the past received more negativity from our work as writers from other women of color than white women. All we can do is speak from our perspective. Those experiences are what bonded Kiona and I and a conversation that we have often, with ALL the receipts. LOL.

      Kiona received hateful emails from people when she dressed up as Frida, while many actual Mexicans loved her look and complimented her. I received the same when I wore a Bindi to Coachella. However, Indian (South Asian) people came up to me at Coachella and told me they liked my look. South Asian women on social media told me that they weren’t offended by me wearing a Bindi. So I think that’s more of where she’s coming from as it pertains to those experiences.

  3. Wow such an open and honest interview! I just followed Kiona on Instgram so thanks for introducing me to her! I have heard such mixed things about Morocco. It’s awful that happened to her. It’s so refreshing to read someone’s honest opinions on travels w a sense of humor!

  4. I love this give-zero-fucks attitude. Like, how are you going to live a happy life if you keep worrying about what other people think and say? This is an awesome interview from start to finish!

    1. Thanks for your comment Carrie. I’ve only been to Mexico once, on a cruise. So I’m not sure if it really even counts. But I look forward to visiting all the places on Kiona’s Gram because, stunning!

  5. LOL! I like you already….Now, what do I do with my ankle socks and new balance shoes????….hmmmm…….

    This interview was like a breath of fresh air….I have been blogging for the past four years and I am STILL figuring out the direction…..

    1. Thanks for your comment Julie! I have nothing against New Balance…but maybe invest in the No-Show socks?? LOL! Thanks for your comment.

  6. aww, How Not To Travel Like A Basic Bitch is one of my favorite travel blogs to read — i relate to Kiona for her “no fucks given” attitude and also because of her deep interest in history of most the places she visits. this was a great interview! i’m really enjoying your blog as well — got introduced to it from #GLT facebook page. keep up the great work! 🙂

  7. She is my absolute HERO (I would say heroine, but that’s almost like heroin, altho that wouldn’t be wrong either LOL), and I’m loving this solidarity :’)

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