How Creating Fat Girls Traveling Inspired Me!

It’s been almost a year since I started Fat Girls Traveling and it’s been an absolute pleasure! Every single day I’m interacting with members from all over the world. Sharing travel advice, giving pep talks and often dishing out fashion tips. I’ve basically gained over three thousand new besties over the last year! I receive so many kind messages from members and followers telling me how I’ve helped and inspired them. I wanted to share some of the ways creating Fat Girls Traveling has inspired me.

Destination Inspiration

Not only have these members visited places I plan on seeing. Their images inspire me to travel even more.

Fat-Girls-Traveling-Jaipur-IndiaFGT Member Lizeth is radiating Black Girl Magic in front Hawa Mahal in Jaipur (Pink City), India. I’ll be traveling to India for Holi Festival in March and Pink City is a must-see for me!

Fat-Girls-Traveling-Quebec-CityThere’s nothing more exciting than when two FGT members meet up IRL. Sy and MaFe met for the second time in Old Quebec City. I’ll be in Quebec for the Women in Travel Summit 2018!

Fat-Girls-Traveling-Fushimi-Inari-taishaSam shared stunning photos from her recent trip to Fushimi Inari-taisha in  Japan. I hope to get a chance to see this site while I’m there in April.

Celebrating Lifes Victories

The Fat Girls Traveling Facebook Group is more than just a place to post cute travel photos and ask for travel suggestions. It’s turned into a supportive community that celebrates life’s highs. It’s also a place where members can vent when feeling low.

Fat-Girls-Traveling-Sri-LankaJessye celebrated in Sri Lanka. She’s flipped the script and finally has the courage to rock a bikini after years of covering up.

Fat-Girls-Traveling-ThailandCrystal was one of the first FGT Members to share her engagement with the group. It happened while the couple was on a trip to Thailand.

Fat-Girls-Traveling-Seville-SpainFGT Member Jannet turned a missed flight into an opportunity to check out  Alcazar in Seville, Spain.

Facing Fears

FGT Members aren’t letting weight hold us back from anything! Especially taking risks and going on adventures. Not only does this group inspire me to visit places I’ve never been. It encourages me to try things I’d never consider.

Fat-Girls-Traveling-KayakSo many of our members fear rocking the boat, literally.  Amanda took on the challenge of kayaking while fat and was happy to report that size didn’t matter.  I’ve also faced this fear and I know the anxiety that builds up until the very moment you’re seated and secure.

Fat-Girls-Traveling-Scuba-DivingMaya Collins took the plunge and went scuba diving while fat. This photo shows that she succeeded, swimmingly.  I’ve always wanted to explore the world underwater and this photo gives me the courage to face my fear.


Who says fat girls can’t mountain climb? Sara is currently in South Africa living her best life. She made it to the top of Table Mountain and the joy on her face makes me want to forget about my fear of heights and make my way to the top.

What’s Next

These tenacious and courageous travelers have inspired me to create Fat Camp 2018! This Member-Only, Fat Positive Adult Summer Camp will be the perfect place for FGT to become so much more real. I know that it will be even more life-changing and I can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store for Fat Girls Traveling and all of the amazing members.

Fat-Girls-Traveling-Fat-CampPhoto by Ty and Jen McKnight

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