Wynwood: The Most Graphic Neighborhood in Miami

South Beach is no longer the hottest neighborhood in Miami. Visitors now flock to the Sunshine State and head straight to Wynwood Miami for the insanely instagramable Wynwood Art District. The most notable destination is the Wynwood Walls. But you’d be a fool to pass up all of the other incredible street art in this neighborhood. I recently strolled through the Wynwood Art District, here’s a Photo Diary of what I saw.


The words street art usually implies an urban and edgy aesthetic. The Wynwood Art District teaches you that street art can be a mix of pop art, modern graffiti art, urban graffiti art, pin up girl art, the possibilities are endless.



I had never seen such an impressive amount of graffiti wall art before my visit to Wynwood, and I hadn’t even arrived at the main attraction! The artwork was whimsical, emotional, political. I was in a constant state of awe and introspection every time I turned around.





I walked block by block getting closer to the Wynwood Walls with each step. All the time thinking, if these paintings are outside the walls. I can’t imagine how outstanding the featured pieces are!




I’m not gonna lie, it wasn’t a short walk and it was hot AF outside. But my makeup melting off in the hundred degree heat was worth it.



Art was everywhere, even on the sidewalk! I’m from the Bay Area where there’s not a lack of street art. Especially in San Francisco, but I had never seen so much graffiti art covering so many building, for so many blocks. You seriously have to see it to understand the sheer magnitude.


Even the crosswalks were works of art!


Words with Yaz speaking nothing but the TRUTH on these Miami streets.


And then, I was there. I’d arrived at the official Wynwood Walls, an outdoor gallery of rotating artists. From religious and political leaders to abstract and realism, the depth of work was impressive to say the least.




There were pieces inspired by the early Renaissance others inspired by refugees. Since its creation in 2009 the walls have been painted by over 50 artists from 16 different countries. A neighborhood once regarded as “El Barrio” and “Little San Juan” because of the number of immigrants in the area had a major makeover. But should it be referred to as gentrification, beautification or both?




The gallery inside the Wynwood Walls showcased everything from pop art prints to fine art paintings. Walking in, you’re confronted by a beautifully painted structure of an Asian woman. On one side she’s looking directly at you. On the other, she’s blindfolded.


Have you visited to Wynwood Walls? Would you consider what’s happened to Wynwood gentrification? Please share your opinions in the comments below.




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    1. It’s stunning and always changing. So when you go there the art will be completely different. Which I think is really cool.

  1. I’m a huge fan of street art so I’m living for this post! I’ve never been to Miami, but I first heard about Wynwood through Evelyn from the Internets YouTube channel. I don’t think I can comment on the gentrification aspect having never been there myself, but I’d love to know how the locals feel about the murals and the area becoming an Instagrammable location.

    1. From the research I’ve done, it’s a mixed bag. As artists usually live in less expensive areas until they become more well known. So this area started as a place where Puerto Rican immigrants moved to when they came to Miami. Then slowly the artists started moving in because of low rent prices. That’s when the murals graffiti art started. Then two developers saw potential in the art aspect and decided to create the Walls, which eventually moved outside of the Wynwood Walls location and is all over the Wynwood neighborhood. With that, other developers came and started building expensive restaurants, shops and such. Which in turn made the area too expensive for the immigrant community to stay in.

  2. I absolutely love street murals! I must plan a trip here now just to see these – they’re absolutely amazing!! Your pictures are fantastic.

    1. Thanks Cynthia! If you love street art, this place is a must see. The coolest thing is that the murals are always changing. There are also art galleries that you can pop into to get away from the Miami heat!

    1. You should get to Miami Lynne! It’s so fun and inspiring. I would definitely suggest it. Plus, the cruises from Miami are super affordable!

    1. GIRL, the vibes are EVERYTHING! The food, incredible, Wynwood inspiring, the Latin influence fuego! I loved it. I would definitely suggest getting there ASAP!

    1. Karen, it’s not only fun. It’s super inspiring. Miami is so much fun a party all the time and the people are very kind.

  3. LOVED this! I actually had no idea there were so many murals in Wynwood besides the super popular one from your Pinterest graphic… it’s really neat to see the variety. Also the question of gentrification is an interesting one. I actually see a lot of similarities between this and the Mount Pleasant/Chinatown neighbourhood in Vancouver (my hometown). My grandparents lived there when I was a kid so I spent a lot of time there growing up and have watched the area change SO much over the years. Especially in Mount Pleasant, there are now Instagrammable murals everywhere and loads of tech startups/hipster cafes, boutiques, etc. Something about it has always bothered me on some level and I think I’m just realizing now that it’s because of the gentrification aspect. My brain is too fried at the moment to fully discuss the topic, but THANK YOU for analyzing this area a little more critically rather than just another roundup of “instagrammable murals” 😉

    1. Thanks Christina! Yeah, I thought it was only the Walls as well. Luckily I stayed with a friend who lives in Miami. So she showed me what was really good!

  4. I have always hear that the Wynwood walls are such an awesome place but I’ve never seen pictures of so many of the walls! Loved reading through and looking at your pictures in this post!

    1. Thanks, Shannon. I too had no idea there were SO many walls. Like blocks and blocks of street art. I still have many more in my camera that I didn’t post. It’s incredible. I would suggest visiting if you are ever in Miami.

    1. Yes Angie. Get to Miami ASAP! It’s a blast. The Walls are incredible and just the vibe of that city, it’s so cool and laid-back.

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