Harajuku Street Style

Japan has always had IT for me. Ever since I discovered international street style magazines like Street and Fruits I’ve dreamed of being a street style photographer.  I would spend many hours and even more money examining the looks of fashion lovers all over the globe. But there was something about Tokyo and Harajuku Street Style that always intrigued me.

And I wasn’t the only one. Around the same time that I was going to fashion school in L.A. and daydreaming about international street style. Gwen Stefani was recreating her look and designing an entire brand around Harajuku style. Which exposed the super Kawaii look to the world.

Being in Asia, I knew that Tokyo was on the very top of my list of countries to visit. This would be my shot! My chance to try my luck as a Street Style Photographer. Would I have the guts to stop strangers on the street, who didn’t speak my language and risk rejection (which happened more often than not)? You bet your ass I did! And it was much harder than I thought.

The heart of Harajuku is Takeshita Street. It’s directly across the street from the Harajuku metro station. Let’s just say, if you’re claustrophobic, stay away. The street is clogged with people, the stores are packed with both product and people. But I’d say, that’s the Tokyo vibe. People and things EVERWHERE. Stimulation overdrive and it’s both exhilarating and exhausting.


One of the things I love most about Harajuku Style is that there are so many different types and new ones being created all the time. There are a few familiar ones like Lolita and Fairy. While there I realized that there are so many different styles I could stay all day and not see the same look twice. Which is probably why Street Magazine has been doing it since 1985.

This video dives deep into a new, darker style that deals with mental illness, Yami Kawaii. It will give you just a taste of how many different types of fashion subcultures there are in the most populated city in the world. Then I will try my hand at naming the looks I captured.

She’s a Total Teddy


Punk Lolita and Bae


I’m obsessed with her origami-style skirt.

The mix of hard and soft slays.


These guys are giving me H2T Visual Kei realness.


This Classic Lolita is such a Tweedy.


A couple that slays together stays together.


Give me LIFE Gothic Lolitas!


Pretty in Pastels = Yume Kawaii


I think I found my Funky Bunch. Loved this eclectic group!


 Madame Kawaii Monster.


I love that this city doesn’t only appreciate personal style, it encourages it! Do you like to people watch when you travel? Which city has the best street style in your opinion?


In the heart of Harajuku, I captured many different types of Tokyo’s fashion subcultures.

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