Plus Size Graphic Tee Shirts

Growing up I never considered myself a jeans and tee shirt girl. Not only was my style more trendy, I could never find cute plus size graphic tee shirts or comfy jeans that fit my curves. Over the last few years, fashion has become a bit more inclusive and I’m happy to say that throwing on a cute tee and jeans or shorts is my summer uniform.

One of my favorite places to shop for cheap and chic tee shirts is Forever 21. I’m a Forever fan for many reasons, but one of them is that I can go into the same store with my straight size friends and we can both walk out with a bag full of fast fashion! Below you’ll find some not-so-basic tee shirt trends and all the things I would buy if I wasn’t ballin’ on a budget!


Sometimes the only trip you need is down memory lane. I felt like I was in a Lisa Frank dreamland when I visited the Unicorn Cafe in Bangkok, Thailand. I was getting my entire unicorn life in a hand-painted dress by and unicorn tote.


These funĀ and whimsical tees will have you reliving your youth in the chicest way possible.

Band Tees

I always feel bad-ass when I wear a band tee. This little number is a midi dress and hugs my curves in all the right places. I found it at a discount mall in Thailand. When I went back for more, the vendor had moved. I may or may not have shed a real tear that day.


Travel Tees

It’s probably corny AF, but I love wearing travel tees to the country I’m visiting. I actually bought this ‘Tokyo’ tee from Forever 21, but it’s no longer available.


Here’s a look at the travel tees that are available now. You can also shop my “Hello” Collection in the Fat Girls Traveling Shop. These tees will ensure you know how to say “hello” in the next country on your wanderlist.


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