When Chub Rub Meets ChafeZone

I’ve found the solution for my chub rub, ChafeZone by PlusZone! Thick thighs save lives, this adage is true. However, thick thighs can also cause friction, literally. One of my greatest struggles as a fat woman is chub rub. You might know it as chafing. But don’t get it twisted, this isn’t just a fat girl issue. I have plenty of straight sized male and female friends that complain about thigh chafing, especially in the summer.  The weather getting hotter and the clothes getting skimpier makes chub rub inevitable. But with ChafeZone I don’t have to limit my wardrobe or my travel based on weather.


I swipe on a bit of ChafeZone whenever I’m wearing shorts, skirts, swimsuits or dresses to prevent my thighs from getting too friendly with each other. Whether I’m hiking, lounging by the pool or sightseeing in a different country. I know I’ll have a chafe-free trip thanks to ChafeZone. I’ve tried everything from biker shorts to deodorant and anti chafing cream to prevent chafing. All to no avail. I’ve been using ChafeZone for a year, including during my recent travels through Southeast Asia and it’s never failed me.


It wasn’t until recently that I gathered up the courage to start talking about my chub rub publicly. Not only is it personal, it can be embarrassing. But one of my goals with my platform as a travel and fashion writer and a body positive advocate is to take the shame out of talking about these issues. It’s important to normalize these conversations. Because this is something that people of all sizes deal with. Thick thighs don’t discriminate! I feel lucky to have safe places like the Fat Girls Traveling Facebook Group to share my struggles, concerns, and solutions. I even asked members to share some of their Chub Rub Horror Stories and here is what a few of them had to say.

“After walking 1400 miles on the Camino de Santiago, I literally had to bandage my thighs to cover open sores from knees to crotch from walking so much in the heat.”


I was taking a backpacking trip to visit family in Germany and thought I’d take a train to Paris. It was all set up and planned to a tee, where I would end up and where I would go from there. From the train station I’d go to the hostel to could change and prep for touring. Since I was going to be on a train for a bit I wore a loose sundress. Easy, comfortable, and cool. However, this was an early trip and mixed with jet lag, I did not prep my thighs for the day that was to ensue. Train strikes in Paris wreaked all kinds of havoc onto my well thought out plan. I ended up switching trains 6 times before I got to Paris. Literally running through the stations at each one. I ended up walking about 3 miles to my hostel and by the time I got there my thighs were so raw that they were bleeding! It was awful. Luckily I had my favorite bike shorts in my bag. After apologizing to my thighs we continued our trip through Paris!


I was in Austria on a tour, and I had been wearing capris for the heavy walking days to prevent chub rub. I was going on the Sound of Music Tour which I’d been told wasn’t much walking. So I decided to wear a pretty flowing skirt. My tourmates had other ideas though. They wanted to go see some other gardens that weren’t included in the tour which was fine. Except it was much more walking and we had to RUN back to the bus! I struggled to keep up, but I did. However, my thighs were killing me something fierce. I discovered to my horror at the next bathroom break that my thighs were literally bleeding. Not just red. Bleeding actual blood. Now I don’t pack skirts when I travel.


All of these amazing members were gifted ChafeZone for sharing their Chub Rub Horror Stories. One thing that I love about PlusZone is that they don’t only supply products for the plus size community, they support the community. I’m thrilled to announce that PlusZone is a Fat Camp sponsor and will be including a full size ChafeZone stick in every Swag Bag!

Have you ever experienced chub rub? What do you use for chub rub relief?


This post is sponsored by PlusZone. As always, all opinions are my own.

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