My Plus Size Travel Plans for 2019

Summer is officially over. Which means I’m planning my escape to warmer and beachier locales. My plus size travel plans for 2019 include; speaking at a travel conference, a group trip, a retreat, and a Workaway. I’ve been stateside for eight months and I’m starting to feel that travel itch. When I think about it, this is the longest I’ve been in the U.S. for a couple years.  As a Digital Nomad I don’t really have a place to call home. At the moment that still feels exhilarating, but soon I will be formulating a long-term plan to live abroad. More likely than not I’ll be living in Asia and if I had my pick, it would be Bangkok.

September: Audacity Fest

Audacity Fest is the travel conference for travelers of color! I’m super excited to meet more travelers that look like me. And discuss plus size travel, inclusion, and body positivity. Honestly, most of the travel conferences I’ve attended have been lacking in the melanin department. Representation is important, but equally important are safe spaces for marginalized communities. So when I heard a few of my friends were speaking this year I reached out to the people I know who are members of the Nomadness Travel Tribe.

I’ve haven’t met Nomadness and Audacity Fest creator Evita Robinson yet, but we are connected through work. I am the Guest Editor of the Unearth Women Magazine Inclusivity Issue, and she is on the cover! I’m so excited to be able to share these stories with an audience. It’s been a childhood dream to be an editor of a magazine and I can officially cross that off my Life List. The two people I interviewed are just extraordinary and I can’t wait for you to learn and grow the way I have just from hearing these often untold stories. The Unearth Women Inclusivity Issue is now available for pre-order in their online store.

Evita Robinson sitting at an antique table with a metal cup in hand for the Unearth Women Magazine Inclusivity Issue Cover.Unearth Women Magazine Cover

October: India with Intrepid

I’ve been aching to visit India for years. Holi Festival was on my itinerary a couple years ago but I decided it would be safer to go with a group for my first time. The cherry on top is that my bestie, Jessie is meeting me there! We’ve had some incredible international adventures together. So I’m looking forward to exploring India with her.

Plus size travelers standing next to colorful giant French Macaroons at a cafe in Tokyo Japan. A & J Take Tokyo 2018

We met at fashion school, so when we travel together everyday is a photo shoot! It’s so important to find a compatible travel partner. I plan on getting some custom dresses made while I’m there, so who better to spend this time with? I know she’ll take at least 30 photos of me in a nearly identical pose, just to get the right shot. And I’d take 100 bursts of her, because that’s what friends are for!

Group travelers sitting having tea at a Bedouin camp in Wadi Rum, Jordan.Photo by Ben Mcnamara via Intrepid

I went on my first Intrepid trip to Jordan earlier this year and it was fantastic! I really stretched outside of my comfort zone and went on a fairly active adventure tour. I hiked Petra and stayed in a Bedouin tent in Wadi Rum. Which caused me to ask, Is adventure travel for every body? There are so many Intrepid options and I’m happy they offer different travel styles. My India trip is much more leisurely.

November: Workaway in Malaysia

Remember the Workaway I did in Bali last year? I had such an incredible experience that I’m doing it again! This time I’ll be working in Malaysia for an accessories brand. People often ask me how I afford to travel full-time and volunteer programs like Workaway are vital.

Hand holding a Polaroid of the Batu Caves Statute above Kuala Lumpur city view.Batu Caves 2018

I’ll be in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for a month volunteering and working online. I do have a few friends there, which is always helpful. While in Malaysia I plan on producing a fat positive photo shoot with one of my favorite fashion photographers and finally visiting Langkawi.

December: Bali Body Love

I fell in love with Bali and there is so much I want to share! So I’m bringing my first plus size travel group trip to the Island of the Gods. Bali Body Love is a self-care focused event that will allow you to treat yourself- mind, body, and spirit in a safe and healing space. Our private villa comes equipped with private rooms, a private pool, a private chef, and so much more! This holiday is the girls trip you need to get through the holiday season, and there are only 8 spaces available. As always I’m offering a payment plan to make it more affordable. Reserve your spot today!

Plus Size Traveler at Tegallalang Rice Terrace holding a happy sign standing in front of a Love Bali metal heart sculpture.Tegallalang Rice Terrace

I took time to curate a fat-friendly getaway with touches of luxe, lots of history, art and  culture. My first visit to the infamous Bali Swing ended with me crying because the harness wouldn’t fit around my waist. I’ve done the work to find the most exciting and accessible activities.

January: New Years in Koh Phangan

There’s nothing better than bringing in the New Year on a beach! I’ve been to a Full Moon Party once and HAVE to go again. I love showing up to a party just before midnight and dancing into the wee hours of the morning. Thailand is my favorite country because it has all the things; cities, beaches and countrysides. The weather is nearly always perfect and I’ve eaten some of the best food and met some of the most important people in my life there.

The Full Moon Party is a full-on rager, and I like to end things with a Bang! So New Years in Koh Phangan in a private  villa with a few friends is the best way to end my year of plus size travel!

Plus Size Traveler wearing long yellow dress standing in the middle of the road.

Do you like to escape the cold like me? Have any fall or winter holiday plans? Share your travel plans or ask a plus size travel question in the comments below.

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  1. Well, I will try to make my 2020 wonderful by traveling to the places where I have never been to. I have piled a list of places in and abroad where I want to visit. I hope what I have planned will be successfully executed. Looking for making a 2020 wonderful year.

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