14 Fat Positive Instagrammers to Followers

Over the years I’ve done quite a few Instagram Round-ups. From Plus Size Fashion Bloggers to Black Travelistas I’ve shared some of my favorite sources of inspiration with you. I’m happy that I have an opportunity to look back and recognize that those lists weren’t inclusive or fat positive. Those lists could’ve been more racially and size diverse. I should have included people with different ability and mobility levels. It feels empowering to be able to acknowledge that today.

Here is my list of 14 Fat Positive Instagrammers to Follow but this list isn’t as inclusive as I wish it could be. There are plenty of marginalized fat people that deserve to be mentioned. I’m just not aware of them yet. I’ve been searching Instagram, saving profiles, and reading captions to compile this list. The research could go on forever, but the time to share these creators with you is now!


Stephanie Yeboah is the babe behind nerdabouttown, and if there was only one thing you should know. It would be that her twitter fingers stay ready! This fat positive Style & Lifestyle Blogger is a public speaker and self love advocate who just added author to her resume. Her first book Fattily Ever After: The Fat, Black Girls’ Guide to Living Life Unapologetically is now available for pre-order.


Yrfatfriend is an anonymous fat positive essayist. The self-described Fat, queer, white, cis lady helps us all examine our biases, fat and thin people alike. Essays like Who’s fat enough to be fat? show us what radical self acceptance looks like.


I’m lucky to say that I know Ratnadevi Manokaran. In the way I know many of my fellow fat activists, through social media, public support, and private messages. One thing that can’t be disputed is that Ratnadevi is an important voice in the Asian fat positive community. This boutique owner and boss babe is now a member of the prestigious TedX Talk community as well.


UK based Bee isn’t afraid to have difficult conversations. This poet has a way with words. On her blog she tackles topics ranging from going to the doctors about her eating disorder and being prescribed weight loss pills to anti-fatness in children’s media.

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2019 has been a fuckin’ hard year so I wanted to repost my favourite images of myself from this year to remind you all that: 🥰 it’s okay to be fat 🥰 you, your body, is not a problem to be solved 🥰 you are worthy. right now. in this body you are in. 🥰 you deserve to feel safe & at home in your body – and you do not need to make yourself smaller in order to be worthy of that 🥰 you are enough. you always have been. • Tell me: what are you excited for in 2020? • [image description: bee is sat cross-legged and naked, her middle covered with a rose gold letter board. on the board it says “fat is not a bad word. it is okay to be fat.”. The light is shining on her and her eyes are closed.]

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Sonalee is a Philadelphia based fat positive trauma therapist. She uses her platform to inform and educate, as well as empower. When I initially began to follow this profile I was sometimes shocked at the directness of Sonalee’s delivery. But I now see that my resistance was proof that I had more work to do as an advocate and activist.

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i was pressured to lose weight early in childhood and it warped my idea of how i earned praise from my caregivers . you might be a people pleaser if you: – are motivated by a strong desire for approval and external validation – conform to other‘s opinions and expectations even when you don’t want to – have a hard time saying no when presented w something u genuinely don’t want or like – often take the blame for others, even when others have hurt you – nourish others without adequately nourishing yourself . who is your weight loss journey audience? would weight loss earn your place of belonging in a society that demands thin conformity? whose praise are you working for? would these individuals love and accept you if your health and wellness journey didn’t result in a single pound lost? if your desire to pursue weight loss is truly coming from a self preservation place, then these questions won’t make you defensive . in my experience, my pursuits of intentional weight loss were due to caregiver pressure for conditional praise and acceptance. as a child i was unable to say no. this is why i called them non consensual diets. i lacked fat role models who could offer me another possibility model for what my fat life could look like, that it could be happy and fulfilling . every day i choose to live life as healthy as i can. this means addressing my emotional needs. feeding myself adequately. keeping my space tidy. some physical activity that makes me sweat. paying my bills on time. communicating my discomfort with friends and family. staying connected to my loved ones even when i feel in shambles. radical educating . the health triangle has 3 vertices: physical, emotional, social. make sure you’re not prioritizing one at the detriment of the other two ❤️

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Toni is a self-love advocate, sometimes blogger, and amputee. I learn so much from her honesty and candor especially regarding her leg. To be frank, her disability is none of my business. But the fact that she discusses it openly is so refreshing and educational. It’s absolutely not her responsibility to educate me or to share her successes and struggles. Following her on social media and having even a small glance into her life allows me to be more considerate and tolerant of the differences of others.

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The other day I swore I saw a comment that said something like: “Not to be rude, but what’s wrong with your leg? I’m just wondering.” I was busy doing something else, so I didn’t address it right then and there and when I went back to answer the question, I couldn’t find it anymore. I don’t know if the person deleted it, or what, but…I’ll just address the question on my feed. 1. I love, LOVE, loooove talking about my leg and opening conversations about disabilities. So, please always feel free to ask me about my leg or anything you ever want to know. I’m so open and willing to share my experiences to create conversations incase there are other people who don’t want to talk about their experience and just want to live in peace. 2. With that being said, please, please, please never phrase your question with “what’s wrong with…” because here’s the thing, there is absolutely, positively, with out a doubt, nothing “wrong” with my leg. My leg is different. My leg is out of the norm. My leg is floral-ly. My leg is metal and rubber and other materials I don’t even know about. My leg is fake. But it’s 100% RIGHT. 3. I was born with PFFD which means I was basically born without my femur bone, so my knee replaces my hip and my ankle is where my knee would be. And when I was 13 months, my foot was amputated so I could use a prosthesis. Honestly, it took me a while to realize this, but my body is kind of cool. 4. If you read this and you’re the person who asked this question, know I’m not calling you out and know I’m not mad or pissed or upset. Know you are one of several hundred people in my life who has asked me “what’s wrong with” my leg and I just feel like it’s time to let everyone know there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s just perfect for me. (Trust me, I’ve had 287 million fittings in my life to get her just the way I want her. 😂) #lifeofapirategirl

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It’s important to normalize fat bodies. Despite the fact the plus size women make up nearly 70% of the American population. We’re constantly bombarded with messaging that tells us that we’re outcasts and undeserving of joy, love, or happiness. These vintage photos remind me of the nice and not-so-nice ways fat people have been perceived throughout history.


Liz Black is a fat positive Journalist, Blogger, Brand Consultant, Motivational Speaker, and friend. For the past two years she’s been a speaker at my annual Fat Camp. She has helped me understand what true vulnerability is. I was a fan of hers long before we were friends. She was one of my first examples of a fat activist and remains a guiding light within the community.


This inspiring profile is named after the book by Sonya Renee Taylor. It focuses on reposting uplifting fat positive quotes, illustrations, and information that reminds us to love ourselves unapologetically. I am inspired daily by things posted here and always find new profiles to follow.


Sarah Aziz is the Youtuber and hijabista behind this profile. Constantly on the go while turning heads in modest fashions, Sarah is a girl after my own heart. She’s making moves as a Malaysian model, collaborating with diverse brands in a way that encourages visibility and diversity.


UK based Disability and Plus Size Fashion Writer Sarah Alexander teaches me something daily. Not only do I love her black, white, and bright style aesthetic. Pieces like To The Guy That Commented ‘I’ve Always Wanted to Try a Chick in a Wheelchair’ remind me that sometimes you just gotta clap back!



Jazzmyne’s level of I-don’t-give-a-fuck-ness is GOALS! She is so uniquely and authentically herself with energy shines through the screen. From silly videos to serious advice I love seeing the world through her ever-changing eyeglasses.

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💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚 Outfit: @ungra8tful

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Victoria Welsby is the Creator & Bestselling Author of Fierce Fatty. She’s also the boss babe behind BAM POW LIFE, which was an inspirational and motivational podcast, blog, vlog, and workshops. She has taken all of that magic and rebranded it as Fierce Fatty, which I love. This fat positive TEDx Speaker can be your personal mentor and guide you from self-hate, through body neutrality, and ultimately and hopefully to self-love.  There is no shame in asking for help and I’ve learned so much from Victoria over the years.

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Symptoms of anorexia according to the Mayo Clinic: "People with anorexia place a high value on controlling their weight and shape, using extreme efforts that tend to significantly interfere with their lives. To prevent weight gain or to continue losing weight, people with anorexia usually severely restrict the amount of food they eat. They may also try to lose weight by exercising excessively. When you have anorexia, you often equate thinness with self-worth." Sound familiar? Just another day in dietland. When a fat person loses weight is is seen as a positive thing. It doesn't matter that the methods we are taught about losing weight teaches us how to be disordered eaters or go onto a full blown eating disorder like anorexia. Because after all, we are getting thinner, and being thin it the greatest achievement a human being can aspire to! Right? (note my sarcasm). Fat people CAN be anorexic. A lot of people think that you're only anorexic is you're "too thin." This is an outdated belief. Anorexia is a mental health issue and it shouldn't have a weight limit. Fat people are suffering in the pursuit of thinness and are turned away from the help they need because of fatphobic beliefs about anorexia in a fat person being a good thing because "at least they're losing weight." How often do we praise someone's weight loss and in actual fact we are praising them having an eating disorder? Far too often. . . . . . . . . . . . . #psootd #plussize #confidence #fiercefatty #selflove #fatshion #feminist #selfesteem #dietculturedropout #bodylove #effyourbeautystandards #antidiet #fatpositive #riotsnotdiets #nobodyshame #fat #intuitiveeating #ditchthediet #effdietculture #fatactivism #fatisnotabadword #healthateverysize #losehatenotweight #bodyconfidence #bodypositive #eatingintuitively #haes #curvy #thebodyisnotanapology #bodypositivity

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Wanting someone to add A LOT of color to your feed? Faiza Tasnim is a fat fashion stylist with style to spare. Her lewks are eccentric and bold in the best way. Her personal style is a combination of modest and club kid with a rotation of hats and wigs to match.

These 14 humans deserve your time and attention, but there are millions more that deserve the same. So we’ll call this a starting point. A moment in time when I recognized the errors in my past and begin to look forward to future growth.  Hopefully these people and their platforms will challenge and change you the way they have for me.

Fat Positive Instagrammers to Follow

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