The Power of Travel

Travel empowers me.  Since I embarked on this Digital Nomad journey three years ago I’ve learned how to be more independent. I’ve learned the power of a dollar, the peaks and valleys of taking a more adventurous route, and the importance of friendships. Don’t get me wrong, there has definitely been some fear of failure,  and lessons learned along the way. But more than anything, the power of travel has educated me. 


When I first started traveling domestically and internationally I only traveled with friends. It just seemed like more fun! Until I learned, the hard way, that regardless of how many friends say they’re coming on the trip. They’re not really coming until they book flights and accommodation. Which meant that I had to get comfortable with solo female travel. My sense of independence has never been stronger. I’m more self motivated, self loving, and self reliant than ever because I’ve been forced to flex those muscles as I navigate the world and its differing cultures, countries, and customs. 

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One of the things I looked forward to most during my #BaliBodyLove Retreat was the #floralbath. I’d seen some great photos of other #fatbabes soaking up Bali’s beauty in a fragrant bath surrounded by flowers. It looked like the epitome of #selfcare. 🌺 While I was planning there were many things to consider before booking. 1. Would the bath be indoors or outdoors? I preferred something inside so that we could take a break from the #Balinese heat and the bug bites. 🌺 2. Location & Reviews. Bali has no shortage of options. There are #flowerbath businesses popping up all over the island. The key was finding a convenient location that had stellar reviews. 🌺 3. Would the tubs be big enough? As a #fatgirl I’ve learned from experience that tubs aren’t one size fits all (I’m looking at you Japan). So I searched the interwebs for a spa with a bathtub that was accessible in multiple ways. 🌺 What does your self care routine look like? Would you pamper yourself with a floral bath? 🌺 #FatGirlsTraveling #TravelInclusivity

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There is power in financial security, and for many people travel is not financially feasible. Over time I’ve learned that check-ins and balance is the key to creating a high quality life on a budget. Travel essentials include food, accommodation, and travel insurance, but most of the money goes into the extras like entertainment. During my adventure I’m learning about the benefits of slow travel and the value of work exchange programs.

Solo travel can get lonely, but it doesn’t have to stay that way! The power of travel has reinforced my skill of striking up a conversation with complete strangers. I’ve made some incredible friends during my travels and the best part is that they’re from all over the world. So I have a valid excuse to travel and visit them. I often stay at hostels which is another way I encourage myself to be more social when traveling solo. I’ve met new friends at a hostel and planned the rest of my travel based on when and where we can go together. To this day I still travel with friends I met at hostels years ago.  

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Today was incredible! I co-hosted a super fun, super last minute meetup with @somethinkblack. #BodyPosiKL was a smashing success for many reasons. 💜 We were able to discuss serious issues faced by fat Malaysians, like subpar health care, fetishization in dating and backhanded compliments. We got three hot shots to prove that it happened. Fierce. Silly. Blogger Laugh. 💜 In all seriousness, this is my type of cultural exchange! I learned that #fatphobia in Malaysia looks very similar to fat phobia in the U.S. Certain things I took as fact about modesty laws are actually just societal norms. It felt so good to connect with these 10 inspiring humans. We laughed, we cried, and we all took home some sweet goodies #gifted by @altheakorea! 💜 I feel immensely blessed to have the opportunity to connect people in this way. In these #safespaces is where I truly feel ALIVE! Thank you to everyone who made this possible. #FatGirlsTraveling #TravelInclusivity #fatbabes #fatbabesdoingthings #fatbabesunite

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I love organizing Fat Girls Traveling Meet-ups when I travel. We connect over our many similarities while taking the time to discuss our differences and learn from each others experiences. Friendships made along the way are definitely the most rewarding part of travel.

How has the power of travel educated you? What lesson do you hope to learn from travel?

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