Backyardigans: My Birthday in Quarantine

Last year I was in Jordan on my birthday. This year I spent my birthday in quarantine. Most of us are. The Coronavirus pandemic has affected us all to some degree. More than anything it’s a shared trauma that we’re all doing our best to navigate daily. Monday was my 35th birthday and I wanted to find a way to celebrate at home while social distancing.

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Quarantine ZenSports Bra (Similar) and Cora Performance Legging gifted by Dia&Co

I’ve been going through a lot of changes and struggles personally and emotionally. As a Digital Nomad this pandemic has me feeling displaced and out of control of my future at times. When I think back on my previous posts, Digital Nomad or Virtually Homeless breaks down some of the anxieties I’ve been working through. It’s also a good example of following your passion in spite of your fear.

To help me manage those fears and anxieties I’ve started practicing yoga and meditation weekly. I’ve learned that quieting my mind is a muscle. I have to flex it in order for it to get stronger and grow.

Quarantine StretchingSports Bra (Similar) and Cora Performance Legging gifted by Dia&Co

I recently became a Dia&Co Brand Ambassador and it couldn’t have come at a better time! I had an opportunity to order some new pieces and I was in dire need of new workout gear. It’s also the perfect birthday gift. Spoiling myself with some new spring threads! The only problem, where to wear them?

Quarantine Routine

Another thing that’s helping my mental health is walks around my neighborhood. I take my moms dog on walks daily when he’s here. She shares custody of him with her ex.

Neighborhood Walks

Walking during QuarantineCarrie Sleeveless Striped Shell and Cora Performance Legging gifted by Dia&Co

 Regardless of Charlie’s (the dog) needs, I’ve realized that I need to move my body weekly to help maintain my mental health. I love listening to music while I walk. Here’s the Quarantine Birthday Playlist I created. Save it if you know someone celebrating a birthday in quarantine.

Trash & Treasure

Recently I’ve either been looking for an excuse to dress up or an excuse not to get out of bed. There is no in between!

Quarantine ChoresSage Zip Cami and Fanning Denim Mini Skirt gifted by Dia&Co

Sometimes taking the trash out calls for a fashion show! Don’t forget to recycle, and SMIZE!

Quarantine RecyclingSage Zip Cami and Fanning Denim Mini Skirt gifted by Dia&Co

Grocery Store Glam

There are very few reasons we should be leaving our homes right now. Going to the grocery store is one of them. So sometimes, you gotta stunt on em!

Addison Short Sleeve Jumpsuit gifted by Dia&Co

It had been a couple weeks since my last visit. I needed to pick up some essentials along with a few things to help me celebrate my birthday in quarantine. Read: German Chocolate Cake Mix.

Addison Short Sleeve Jumpsuit gifted by Dia&Co

Secret Gardener

Having a backyard has been a lifesaver. I’m currently staying with family and it’s nice to have an outdoor space to retreat to. It’s become somewhat of my safe haven.

Sage Zip Cami and Liberty Pant gifted by Dia&Co

I’ve always described myself as a Black Thumb because every plant I’ve ever owned or planted has died. Being in quarantine has given me an opportunity to develop my Green Thumb and become a proud plant mom!

Sage Zip Cami and Liberty Pant gifted by Dia&Co

Where The Party At?

Ya girl loves to party! If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I have a knack for event planning. But I can literally turn anything into a THING! This year, I was stumped on ways to celebrate my thirty-fifth year on earth.

Linnette Colorblock Pleated Dress and Bird Statement Earrings gifted by Dia&Co

Should I host a virtual dance party? A Zoom Murder Mystery? I decided on a Game Night. Actually, a few of them! Houseparty is a great app that allows you to play games and video chat with up to seven other people.

Linnette Colorblock Pleated Dress and Bird Statement Earrings gifted by Dia&Co

I reached out to my friends all around the world and had Game Nights in three different time zones! I can honestly say that I felt close and connected with my friends who celebrated my birthday in quarantine! We laughed and cried (from laughing so hard). It was the medicine I needed and a great way to connect while social distancing.

Backyardigans Birthday


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  1. Grocery Store Glam!!! I gotta start doing this. Lately I look like a college student in clothes I’ve slept in. 😱 You have given us Quarantine Birthday goals. I can always count on you for the inspo. Happy belated Birthday.

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