Fat Women’s History

Searching online for fat women’s history won’t bring very many results. Especially if you’re looking for fat positive representation. Within the last year I started following the Historical Fat People Instagram profile and it’s opened my world to historical fat-positive imagery.

As a total history nerd creating this list of fat women throughout history was fun! From my favorite fatties from childhood to historic hotties, here’s a roundup of historical fat babes to round out Women’s History Month. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to name every person featured but I’ve arranged them in groups.

Queen P

No fat-positive list is complete without Miss Piggy! She was probably the first fat positive character I saw as a child. She was an empowered pig that was serious about her frog boo and trying to be a good friend. Basically, goals!

Lori Beth Denberg

This babe is ALLLL That!

Kathy Najimy

Kathy had me at Hocus Pocus.

Ricki Lake

The first one to show us that hot guys love fat girls! Go Ricki, Go Ricki, Go Ricki!

Dawn Brooks

Are you familiar with Bridget in the Buff? It was a considered a gag gift featuring fat model Dawn Brooks. It became clear, quickly that some men prefer fat babes and Bridget in the Buff items were considered collectibles.

Border Babes

These vintage bordered photos give me nostalgic vibes.

Velma Middleton

Native Beauties

I love discovering vintage photos of People of Color. These women have a silent power in their eyes.

Ruth Ke’elikolani

Si-can-win or Creeping Woman

Nettie Gean Antelope

The Renaissance through the Victorian Era

The Renaissance is often regarded as a time when fat was in fashion. Here’s a look at fat babes during that time and the following decades.

Francesco Montemezzano “Seated Woman with Kerchief and Lap Dog”

Empress Elizabeth Petrovna

Portrait of Gubonina by Ivan Makarov

Princess Mary Adelaide of Cambridge

Euphrosyne Parepa-Rosa

Black Fat Femmes

Black women lead revolutions. From civil rights to working wages here are some of the ladies who led the way.

Georgia Gilmore

Gloria Spencer

Beulah E. Sanders

Mahalia Jackson

The ‘Court Fat Lady’ of the Tang Dynasty

In a recent Fat Girls Guide post I break down the history of some ancient fat sculptures. I learned that Yang Guifei the buxom partner of Emperor Xuanzong made curves trendy during the Tang Dynasty.

Ao Luojia

Shining Stars

These beauties let their talent speak for itself.

Etta James

Carrie Finnell

Ma Rainey

Viola Davis just revived an Oscar nomination for playing her in “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom”.

Avent C. Rodriguez Varela aka “Baby Dumpling”

Jean Hill

This bold beauty was a member of Dreamlanders, the cast of characters iconic director John Waters would often hire.

Love At First Sight

I’m including the following photos for no reason besides I love them. Enjoy!

Edith Massey

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