My Favorite Scary Movies

I spend October treating myself to my favorite movies and trying new tricks in the kitchen. Spooky season is hands down the most wonderful time of the year! Costumes and free candy, what more could one ask for? Scary movies, I could ask for spine-chilling, heart-stopping horror.

Childhood Classics

I’ve been watching scary movies since I was two! Ok maybe a little bit older, but I can’t remember a time when I didn’t like a little fright! Here are some of my childhood favorites.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Chucky, Michael Myers, Freddie Kruger, or Jason. When asked who scared me most as a kid I always said Freddie because he can infiltrate your dreams! I still can picture those little girls playing jump rope and eerily singing “1-2 Freddie’s coming for you…’

Hocus Pocus

Is any explanation needed? This is probably one of the best Halloween movie memories I had as a kid! Before Harry Potter was on every channel in October, Hocus Pocus was, and I watched it everytime! Not only was it a great family film, it was funny and the fashion! The wardrobe for this film was EVERYTHING and really shows how important it is to storytelling. I’m looking forward to the sequel!


In the mid-90’s Christina Ricci was the it-girl for us pre-pubescent tweens, she was Wednesday Addams after all! And Devon Sawa was oh-so-drool-worthy! Watching this movie brings back those first crush feels.

The People Under The Stairs

I saw this as a double feature at a Drive Thru Movie Theater in San Francisco. Maybe I was five, I couldn’t have been more than 6 years old, but I remember it vividly. I remember going to see Chucky…or Child’s Play with my aunt. I loved scary movies and wanted to see the movie about the possessed doll. However, I didn’t know that when that movie ended one about race, murder, and maiming would follow. I’ve seen it multiple times since and it’s just as scary as I remember and has an even deeper meaning today.

Edward Scissorhands

How dreamy is Johnny Deep as the gentle but tortured Edward Scissorhands!?? I love a good makeover montage and watching him work his magic on not only the manes of the maidens in the neighborhood. But the dogs and the shrubbery…EPIC!


Winona Ryder was the uber-emo girl we all could relate to in the 90’s. Especially went left to deal with the pesky Beetlejuice! This is the second Tim Burton film on my list because I just love his dark, Gothic aesthetic! I try to watch this movie every October because it’s the epitome of Halloween. I also pretend like I’m in a congo line so I can shake my body line. “Work, work, work, senora. Work it all the time!”

Teen Screams

Next I’m sharing some of my favorite horror films from my t(w)een years.

The Craft

This was the movie that made being a witch cool. It could’ve also been a mix of the perfect music and the height of the “Party of Five” fame.

Interview With the Vampire

Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt…need I say more? I’ll add in Kirsten Dunst, this was her breakout performance. I am close in age with her, so I identified with her character the most and have been a fan ever since.


I can’t tell you how many times I went to the mall to see this movie! I’ve seen every single one in the series and I tried to watch the new Netflix show. Did you know the original Scream house was on Airbnb this month?

Urban Legends

I recently rewatched this and was pleasantly surprised by how well it has stood the test of time!


Candyman is the GOAT when it comes to popular horror films from the 90’s. It had just enough of everything and will continue to be a classic in this household. I’ve seen the new Candyman and I have to say…that thang GOODT! It was creepy and startling. I left feeling different than I expected. I love the way the original stories were interwoven.

Currently Creepy

Over the last few years these movies have given me the major hibbie jibbies!

Train to Busan

This is probably one of the most disturbing films I’ve seen. I was one of those weirdos who started watching pandemic/zombie movies at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. This one will get cha!

Get Out

This physiological horror film is masterpiece! It touched on so many things from race and politics and power and wealth. It helped popularize a different type of horror and let the Black perspective lead.

The Girl With All The Gifts

Remember when I told you I started watching all of the pandemic, end-of-world, zombie flicks? This was another good one.

Don’t Breathe

I couldn’t breathe by the end of this! Or decide who was the good guy and who was the bad guy. I was just scared AF by the end of it all. I found out there was a new sequel and had to watch that. I’m happy to report I’m still confused on whose side I’m on. But if you spook easily and like a good jump-scare this is for you!


I saw this movie about 4 times in the theater. Each time I walked away with a different understanding. I watched all the decoding videos on YouTube, I created my own theory of what I think happened. But I’m still not sure who walked away in the end. You?


Was recently looking to Netflix and Chill when I got ALL caught up in the creepiness of this movie! The ending is all I will say! I was gooped, gagged, and shocked by it all and highly recommend this one.


Everyone wants to be invited to the festival of the summer. Not everyone will return. This movie was more of a mind-trip than a scream-fest, but worth it!


I hate clowns. I blame it on watching the original It when I was much too young. Like really…clowns scare me! But the newer version of It had to make the list. It was less traumatic for me in my older age, but it was just as creepy!

Did your favorite scary movie make my list? Let me know in the comments which ones am I missing.

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